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Motivation Digital is the leading Kajabi agency for talented creators, artists and brands that want global impact!

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EB academics logo in white.EB Academics goal is to get students motivated to learn and love their English class while also mastering the standards
GKR logo in white. The GKR Karate Online Dojo gives you access to a large range of on-demand videos for people of all ages and stages of their karate journey.
Bemobile physio logo in white. Mitch and the physio team bring a fun and fresh approach to exercise in Sydney, Australia. But with a new mission: to help those over 55+ get stronger and feel more confident worldwide.
Mixmasters logo in white. Danny and the Mixmasters team of music industry power house experts help people play great music and get signed to a music label.
JJD logo in white. Mathieu's passion for teaching music has changed lives. What if he could make learning more fun and help connect with millions of like-minded musicians worldwide?


We're a worldwide crew of e-learning wizards and Kajabi marketing masters, on a mission to help the talented and inspired share their ideas and inspiration to transform the lives of millions! 

1. Digital Transformation

Digital strategy, innovation, people, and processes. Crafting sales funnels, optimising lead magnets & installing tactics to ignite sales ūüďą.¬†

2. Product Development

Testing proven proven MVPs to kick start sales, gorgeous websites & sales funnels and engaging memberships and courses that delight and inspire.

3. SEO Marketing & Analytics

It's all about the tech. Creative geeks that love to create numbers that shift the needle for your perfect audience, primed for conversions and high engagement.


Digital geeks and marketing people focused on building great tools, creating ideas and promoting marketing campaigns that shift the needle for your brand.

SEO Marketing

Give your audience great content that attracts them to your website and funnels with powerful SEO & attraction marketing campaigns.

Web Design

Beautiful, fast Kajabi websites, funnels and pages generate more leads and convert into customers and rank higher in search engines.

Software Dev

Cutting edge, bespoke Kajabi elearning solutions, memberships and digital services platforms that improve customer experiences.

Course Design

Transforming the lives of your students with attention-grabbing course content and interactive surveys, quizzes and media.

Video Marketing

Story-telling is still the most powerful way to connect with your audience on YouTube, social channels and marketing funnels.

Community Building

Build a relationship using live stream video to thousands, 1:1 or groups and take back control of your audience from Facebook.

Theme Development

Kajabi is great at courses and memberships, but when you want a unique look, the special brands come to Motivation digtial.

CRM & Automations

Automations that make Kajabi do what you want. From automated retention to segmentation and integrated checkouts.


Partner with a Kajabi Design & Digital Agency that wants you to dominate!

We love marketing design. We eat, sleep and breathe it. But more importantly, we love seeing our clients grow. So, if you’re a fresh new artist with a following or a seasoned pro, we want to Motivate your brand.

Sounds fun?  Then let’s chat.


Our creative Kajabi design & SEO marketing firm has helped a diverse range of businesses and organizations achieve their goals. We've got extensive experience working in numerous industries and with specialize in the elearning niche.

B2B Marketing

Attention marketing is focussed on finding the decision-makers you need to increase your brand’s visibility in the business-to-business space.

Small Business Marketing

Start growing your small business with a targeted MVT digital marketing plan, book a call to learn how to build relationships and drive conversions.

Edutech Marketing

We're specialist in the elearning space. We can help increase your course & membership engagement with a carefully planned strategy that develops your brand.

Startup Marketing

Kajabi is perfect to get your MVP startup off the ground, we've created a comprehensive digital marketing strategy designed to create structure from day one.

SaaS Marketing

Kick start your SaaS brand's growth with an MVT/MVP strategy on Kajabi, the perfect platform to launch, test and evolve with a focused strategy that boosts engagement and increases customer acquisition.

Fitness Marketing

We've built many health & fitness brands on Kajabi (including our own), we've designed specific strategies and software to help scale brands in this niche.

Coach & Consultant Marketing

One of the fastest growing areas of the elearning space, it's important to stand out in this 3 second world with a sold qualification & acquisition strategy.

Finance Marketing

You need to gain your unique edge in the agressive financial elearning sector and we can help using our strategic marketing strategies designed specifically to create awareness, foster trust, and trigger long-term growth.


At Motivation, we’re passionate about helping businesses reach their maximum potential online - we love giving your customers a better experience on Kajabi, improving sales & retention. 

Mixmasters logo in black

Getting techno DJs signed 

  • Digital¬†Transformation

  • Website Design

  • Kajabi Development

A mobile phone displaying the 'Mixmasters' website page interface with a dark theme. The website's slogan, 'Make Better Music & Get Signed!' is at the top. Below is a video thumbnail with a play button and a greeting message, as well as logos of music labels like 'Defected' and 'Armada Music.' To the left, a branded colour palette and stylized black-and-white photo of a man in sunglasses, a hat, and a leather jacket clapping his hands.
Je joue de la guitare logo in black

Coaching and music lessons

  • Course Design

  • Kajabi¬†Custom

  • Theme Development

A music education website displayed on two overlapping smartphones. On the left phone, is a navigation menu. The right phone showcases a section titled 'LE COURS INDISPENSABLE' with text suggesting free introductory music lessons. Beside the phones, a smiling man with long hair sits with a guitar on his lap. Above the man is the branded colour palette.
Mixmasters logo in black

Exercising the over 50's

    • Digital Strategy¬†

    • Web Design

    • Kajabi Dev

A mobile phone displaying the 'Mixmasters' website page interface with a dark theme. The website's slogan, 'Make Better Music & Get Signed!' is at the top. Below is a video thumbnail with a play button and a greeting message, as well as logos of music labels like 'Defected' and 'Armada Music.' To the left, a branded colour palette and stylized black-and-white photo of a man in sunglasses, a hat, and a leather jacket clapping his hands.

Our digital products and automated sales and marketing funnels have helped our customers generate over $309 million in sales, and growing daily!


Motivation Digital - Operating 24 hour a day to launch, grow and scale your brand.

Motivation Digital are e-learning digital strategists, UX and UI designers, technical project managers, software engineers, video creators, SEO techs and kajabi experts and marketing specialists. 


Christopher Brisley - Motivation Digital Chief Executive Officer & Digital Sales & Customer Experience Strategy

Christopher Brisley
CEO & Digital Strategist

Oksana Novozilova - - Motivation Digital Chief Communications Officer & YouTube & Social Media Expert

Oksana Novozilova
Communications Expert

Steve Hutson - Motivation Digital Chief Product Officer & Lead Software Engineer

Steve Hutson
Lead Engineer

Anna Veninska
UX Marketeer

Margarita Kim
Graphic & UX designer

Kate Baranenko
UX Marketeer


Multi-award winning Kajabi Marketing, Design & Tech Agency


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We design, launch & scale automated Kajabi websites & marketing funnels.

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