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Discover how we helped redefine how to learn to play the guitar online, increasing sales and winning market share.

A music education website displayed on two overlapping smartphones. On the left phone, is a navigation menu. The right phone showcases a section titled 'LE COURS INDISPENSABLE' with text suggesting free introductory music lessons. Beside the phones, a smiling man with long hair sits with a guitar on his lap. Above the man is the branded colour palette.


Mathieu's passion for teaching music has changed lives. What if he could make learning more fun and help connect with millions of like-minded musicians worldwide? 


Mathieu has changed lives with his passion for teaching music, especially the guitar. How could we help?  We wanted to help make learning more fun and make it easier to connect with each other in this hyper-digital world.



The team at Motivation designed and built a web-based experience that improved engagement and made learning more fun. A free course on signup that demonstrated the power of community and a beautifully designed course showing progress as they went.  We designed an experience that provided they are just one click away from playing the guitar.  


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Funnel Design

Post-Discovery we created a simple Acquisition funnel into the free product and Dashboard.

Dashboard Development

We developed a powerful membership Dashboard, showing content to different membership levels using the latest code.

Course Design

We designed & developed a powerful custom library & Dashboard for multiple membership levels.


Jejouedelaguitare logo in white, red, and black

Coaching and music lessons for guitar enthusiasts


How do we make years of course content more accessible?  The answer was obviously Launchpad Dashboard and courses on this French Canadian Kajabi website.


The Dashboard, a beloved component of the LaunchPAD website theme, is a source of endless possibilities for our design and development team. We are thrilled by its advanced capabilities in creating complex elements and sections.
Our goal with the Dashboard was to enhance the standard Kajabi library and provide a more comprehensive platform. By loading all content within itself, it eliminates the need for additional tabs, streamlining the user experience.
In this project, we dedicated countless hours to revamping the platform. We introduced a plethora of new elements through the Dashboard, giving it a fresh and captivating appearance. Our focus was on creating a solution that caters to every segment of the audience while ensuring a visually stunning and engaging interface.
The 'Jejouedelaguitare' Live Studio feature is displayed on the laptop screen.


Studio is an exceptional service that elevates the Kajabi experience to new heights. It serves as a cutting-edge streaming platform that seamlessly integrates with the Dashboard, allowing you to effortlessly go LIVE directly from your own website.
With Studio, you have access to a wide range of layout options, ample recording storage space, and the ability to accommodate any number of attendees based on your chosen plan.
In the case of this particular client, we were especially enthusiastic about implementing Studio because it would enable them to engage with their audience in real-time. Additionally, we are actively developing an exclusive membership feature that will allow for the creation of multiple study rooms, catering to different members' needs. The potential with Studio is truly limitless.

Dashboard Shop

The Dashboard Shop is an upgraded version of the regular Kajabi store. It features a curated selection of products for members to explore and easily buy. It provides flexible display options and customisable designs.
Our objective for this client was to develop a space that allows users to discover valuable products without relying on manual upselling. This enhances the user experience by enabling individuals to browse at their own leisure and access the shop whenever they desire.

Branding & Styles

The Stylesheet is an essential component of our LaunchPAD website theme and deserves high praise. It acts as a central hub for design and branding, allowing us to unleash our creativity when developing styles.
Linked to every page within the LaunchPAD website theme, the Stylesheet has the power to control all branding elements from one place. With just a few changes in the Stylesheet, we can modify colourus, fonts, and button styles across the entire website.
For this particular client, the Stylesheet ensured consistency in branding and allowed us to explore various card designs, ultimately creating the best version of the platform. The end result was remarkable, perfectly capturing the essence of the brand.


The homepage is crucial for a website's success. It serves as the virtual entrance, warmly welcoming visitors and shaping their initial perception of the site. A well-crafted and informative homepage has the power to engage users, enticing them to explore further and ultimately converting them into loyal customers.
To achieve this, we utilise our LaunchPAD software to create captivating pages, establish the brand's identity, and highlight its unique value proposition. Combined with exceptional graphics, this approach lays a solid foundation for the entire website.
When building the homepage for Je Joue De La Guitare, we had precisely these goals in mind. We ensured that the brand's identity was accurately portrayed and went above and beyond to optimise the page and minimise loading time.

Acquisition Funnel

At Motivation, we have a range of tested and proven strategies and tactics. One of our key strategies is the Acquisition Funnel, which guides users through a seamless sign-up journey.
The Acquisition Funnel has been meticulously perfected, ensuring it is easy to follow and provides relevant information at every step. It eliminates unnecessary hassle and includes all necessary legal requirements. Combined with stunning designs and captivating copy, it has consistently delivered outstanding results.
Implementing the Acquisition Funnel for this client was a resounding success. It not only greatly enhanced the user experience but also provided individuals with a clear purpose to sign up and valuable benefits upon registration.

Custom Checkouts

Our custom checkouts are highly sought after by the Kajabi community and beloved by our clients. This bespoke solution, exclusive to our team, is offered as part of a comprehensive project.
Building custom checkouts is a complex task that requires careful attention to detail. Each checkout we create is unique in both appearance and functionality, tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.
For the Je Joue De La Guitare project, we implemented custom checkouts to enhance the user experience. Small details like pre-populated name and email fields make a significant impact, while the seamless integration with the Dashboard and website elevates the entire process.

Public Pages

Having a diverse range of supplementary public pages greatly enhances the credibility of the brand and has a tremendous impact on SEO.
In this project, our main focus was to revamp the public pages and integrate them into the LaunchPAD website theme. This not only allowed us to optimise these pages but also enabled them to be seamlessly loaded within the Dashboard.
Implementing this change significantly improved the user experience and created a cohesive platform that aligns with the purpose of the Acquisition sign-up funnel.


Having a website that complies with the latest laws and regulations is crucial to us. It is essential for any business to ensure that their website is legal, includes the necessary legal pages and disclaimers, and effectively communicates this information to their audience.
Our Consent service handles all of these requirements, saving our clients from the hassle of figuring it out themselves. We collaborate with experienced lawyers to develop your Consent and we also install a Cookie pop-up to your website.
This client was particularly enthusiastic about obtaining Consent as it elevated their legal information to a higher standard and fostered even greater trust with their audience.

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