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Is your website legal?

New privacy laws are introduced weekly, brands go out of business from lawsuits every day, Motivation makes it easy. Ready to get serious about website privacy?

More than 1 billion of your customers (and growing daily) are impacted by privacy laws - Motivation & Consent takes that headache away - Consent the only privacy service you'll ever need.

Compliance made easy

Consent protects you and your customers - globally

California Consumer Privacy Act

Customers in California? You are required to provide transparency on what data is being collected or used & then gain Consent to do so. A landmark in US privacy law!

General Data Protection Regulation

The father of the internet privacy framework created by the EU is by far the most strict standards for people's data - got customers in the EU, you need explicit consent

Personal Protection Act

The Personal Information Protection & Electronic Documents Act states, the consent of the individual are required for the collection, use, or disclosure of personal information.

Data Protection Act

The ‘UK GDPR’ sits alongside the amended Data Protection Act to anyone offering goods or services to UK customers, explicit concent is required to access or track data 

Global eprivacy legislation is evolving  fast, Consent with Motivation is all you need

Consent automatically detects where your data is stored - and the privacy policy it usesю

Don't know where your data is stored, Consent does!

Kajabi uses cloud based computing spreading your customers data over hundreds of systems, tracking them and the privacy solutions they use can be a nightmare. Consent maps your data to to compliance with privacy laws like GDPR and CCPA and makes it easier for our team to track - for you!
Companies that show their customers that they take privacy seriously will earn their trust and loyalty. Compliance with data privacy laws can feel like a burden, but what if it were easy and could boost your bottom line? What if you could sleep at night knowing that we have your back? Wouldn't that be great?

Our Consent Control tool is trusted by tens of thousands of your customers every single day.

Consent starts with Cookie Control

Designed with an elegant interface that melts into your website, simple to use and enhances trust between your audience and your brand - instantly.
Cookie Control integrates with Google tools beautifully - increasing customer trust and keeping you protected.

Trust built-in 

Explicit Consent

With a recognisable, ever-present icon, users can easily manage their consent at any time, removing cookies when consent is not given.

Complete Control

With Consent, your customers are given complete transparency to make an informed decision on their terms, building brand trust and brand value

Dynamic Support

Third-party cookies are not immune. Consent keeps your users informed and gives them control to opt-out with the flick of a switch whenever they want

Everything You Need - Managed by Kajabi & Privacy Experts

Privacy Can Be Complicated - let Motivation make it simple

Advertising Control

Advertising control is used by federal and state governments to regulate the use of advertising around cities and roadways. 

Privacy & Cookie policies

A cookies policy addresses how you use cookies and third-party services. How does your company stores and uses consumer data?

Website terms & conditions

Websites often link terms and conditions in the footer or a “pop up” with a prompt requiring the user to “accept” them.

Disclaimers & refund policies

Policies are different from disclaimers because a disclaimer warns consumers that a service may be withheld from the customer.

Global ePrivacy compliance

The ePrivacy Directive is an important European privacy directive regulating cookie usage, data minimisation, unsolicited emails, and more. 

Cookie & data discovery

The data discovery process includes connecting multiple data sources, and performing analysis to gain insights into business processes.

Website assessments

It's the method of testing your website to see if there are underlying issues. It's a measure of how well your site performs and its weaknesses. 

GDPR representative

Representative may be an individual, or a company established in the EEA, and must be able to represent you under the EU GDPR.

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