Launching the digital dojo

Learn how we took on the challenge of helping the largest Karate brand in the world go digital.

With more than 1,000 locations worldwide and over 40 years in business, there really was only one direction left to scale the brand: the mission to launch the online dojo to bring Karate to everyone.



Develop a new online karate community, bringing fitness and discipline to everyone through the power of live and recorded classes for all grades.



OK, we admit it, this was a cool project! The Motivation team designed a powerful search engine using Marketplace to find individual recorded classes by many filters, including grade, instructor and technique; we built a powerful Dashboard and community to launch live stream classes from their dedicated filming studios and so much more!


Funnel Design

Post-Discovery we created a simple Acquisition funnel into the free product and Dashboard.

Kajabi Development

We developed a sophisticated search engine using cutting edge front & backend coding.

Custom Designs

We designed & developed a powerful custom library & Dashboard for multiple membership levels.


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All ages & abilities


The GKR Karate Online Dojo gives you access to a large range of on-demand videos for people of all ages and stages of their karate journey. 


An essential element for a website's success and improving conversion rates is a well-crafted homepage. It should possess a coherent layout, convey a captivating narrative, highlight expertise, and feature a distinct and prominent call to action. This homepage offers us the opportunity to effectively communicate our value proposition and ensure users quickly grasp the advantages it offers.

Using our LaunchPAD software, we have once again expanded the boundaries of what's possible with Kajabi, creating a visually stunning and exceptionally fast-loading webpage.


Acquisition Funnel

The utilization of the Acquisition Funnel is a vital component of our strategy. It effectively transforms potential leads into members through an automated system, creating substantial value.

This particular registration funnel has undergone rigorous testing and consistently produces impressive outcomes. Constructing it involves a multifaceted process that necessitates the implementation of various strategies, automations, and the utilization of the LaunchPAD software.

Launchpad Design Optimised

Assisted by Launchpad, we successfully overcame these challenges, resulting in an optimized GKR website that smoothly adjusts to various devices, including mobiles, tablets, laptops, desktops, and large screens. Improved loading speed, appropriately sized elements, and enhanced SEO performance guarantee an engaging user experience on both mobile and desktop interfaces.



The LaunchPAD Stylesheet is a fundamental component in every project, ensuring consistency in branding and design throughout the entire website.

This Stylesheet enables us to easily tailor any branding element, such as colors, fonts, or buttons, and offers an exceptional degree of design control, introducing settings that were previously unavailable on Kajabi.

In the context of this project, the Stylesheet proved to be a valuable tool, enabling us to define the business's branding elements and develop a winning design strategy that establishes a strong connection with the target audience.


The conventional Kajabi Library, which is outdated, lacks adaptability, and doesn't offer any prospects for improvement.

On the other hand, our custom LaunchPAD website theme incorporates an integrated Dashboard that places member experience at the forefront. With contemporary design, a range of versatile tools, and user-friendly navigation, we craft outstanding platforms.

The Dashboard has undeniably raised the profile of the platform, injecting a fresh and modern aesthetic while substantially enhancing the brand's identity. Leveraging various Dashboard strategies and personalized tools, we've propelled the brand to unprecedented heights.


My Resources

The Library page is a crucial component of LaunchPAD's Dashboard. It offers complete customisation, allowing us to tailor it to our specific needs and objectives. 
The Dashboard Library, also known as the Resources page, is exclusively available to members. It features a powerful Global search function and visually appealing cards that provide links to every product. These cards can be designed according to our preferences, with various styles, branding elements, shapes, and sizes. 
This particular clients has experienced significant benefits from utilising the Library page as their central hub for resources. The direct link to products and the carefully structured sequence have proven to be highly effective. Additionally, the inclusion of a banner has further enhanced the page's appeal, resulting in a tremendous success with their audience.


Marketplace, one of our most powerful software on Kajabi, is a highly sophisticated product that requires extensive work, meticulous attention to detail, and intricate tagging and permissions. This bespoke product sets itself apart from the offerings on Kajabi. It serves as a global hub for storing diverse posts and products, functioning as both an advanced Library and a Shop simultaneously. With its sidebar featuring various filters corresponding to the content, Marketplace ensures an exceptional user experience. 
The inclusion of Marketplace was a key factor in our collaboration with this client, who had a strong desire to enhance their membership and user journey. The implementation of this product has yielded incredible results, significantly improving the entire platform.


Studio is an outstanding service that takes the Kajabi experience to a whole new level. It functions as an advanced streaming platform seamlessly integrated into the Dashboard, enabling you to effortlessly conduct live broadcasts directly from your website.

With Studio, you gain access to a wide array of layout options, generous storage space for recordings, and the flexibility to accommodate any number of attendees based on your selected plan.


Pricing plans

The Pricing page featured in the LaunchPAD website theme stands out as a remarkably advanced and innovative component. It introduces novel functionalities that were previously unseen on Kajabi.

Through this page, users have the flexibility to create an unlimited number of plans and easily switch between annual and monthly options. Additionally, there are currency buttons available to cater to various regions, accompanied by multiple calls to action (CTAs) that are determined by user permissions.

Our team is not only dedicated to constructing a functional and user-friendly pricing system but also ensures a smooth transition between upgrading and downgrading through the implementation of appropriate tags and automations.

Meteor Product Theme

The Meteor Product theme represents the pinnacle of our custom themes, enhancing Kajabi products with exceptional functionality. It instantaneously enhances the user experience and expands the possibilities of what Kajabi can achieve.

Equipped with features like favorites, personalized welcome screens, advanced search capabilities, and post tabs, this theme possesses the potential to substantially improve the user's path and propel business growth.

Custom Checkouts

Kajabi users have a strong demand for Custom Checkouts. The LaunchPAD's Custom Checkouts have undergone a meticulous process of refinement and optimisation, resulting in exceptional designs and effortless user experiences.
Our team goes the extra mile, dedicating extensive time to crafting effective strategies and conducting comprehensive testing to guarantee that our checkouts not only possess an appealing appearance but also function as potent tools for driving conversions.


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