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The Future Of Human Health!

Qina combines the power of science and data around personalised nutrition. How could we pass up the challenge of being involved in the future of human health?

A concept for personalized nutrition technology. On the left, there's a plate with food items arranged in the shape of the letters 'DNA' next to a fork and knife. Above the plate is the branded colour palette. On the right, a smartphone displays Qina's website. Below, icons and names of companies like 'DNAfit,' 'Genopalate,' 'Lifenome,' and 'biolinq' are shown.


Qina.tech is a specialised nutrition innovation consultancy and platform on a mission to helping companies create the next generation of products and services that promote health by leveraging the latest in science, technology, data and our network.


Dr. Mariette Abrahams, the founder of Qina, has a PhD in personalized nutrition. Our mission is to combine data tools and ideas to create digital products that transform how people eat, work, rest, and play.



Wow that was a challenge! We created a unique search engine that filters innovative brands and technologies for researchers, consultants, and practitioners. We have a simple signup process to segment the audience and a beautifully designed dashboard to manage customer experience and display powerful dynamic graphs.


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Funnel Design

Post-Discovery we created a simple Acquisition funnel into the free product and Dashboard.

Kajabi Development

We developed a sophisticated search engine using cutting edge front & backend coding.

Course Design

We designed & developed a powerful custom library & Dashboard for multiple membership levels.


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Where data, search & Kajabi meet!


We migrated Qina from Wordpress to Kajabi.  Using the power of Launchpad on the Kajabi platform. The goal was to design a modern, cutting-edge website to display complex search and scientific data to free and paid members via automated pricing plans with 4 membership levels.

Branding & Styles

Qina had established some colours and a logo.  As part of the design phase we made use of the current branding and we created a cleaner pallet that was implemented on the Launchpad stylesheet on Kajabi, giving us central control and the power to update styles and colours for the entire website.

We took advantage of the Q shape in the logo, and included that within our design approach to add a memorable and engaging experience on the site with some subtle automations that we coded.



The homepage serves as the entrance to your website, offering a prime opportunity to showcase your brand. Our primary goal is to create an engaging narrative and visually stunning designs. Equally important is the ability to identify your target audience's pain points and provide immediate solutions through your value proposition. This approach builds upon the foundation established by the story.
A well-crafted homepage adheres to a structured format and includes a clear call to action. It allows you to connect with your target audience and initiate a meaningful relationship with them.
In this particular project, we utilised our renowned LaunchPAD sections to enhance its aesthetic appeal. However, it was the meticulous flow and strategic approach that truly elevated the outcome, resulting in a highly successful page.
The Qina website is displayed on a laptop and a mobile phone, showcasing the screen-optimized design. On the laptop, a members-only webpage is featured with buttons, a video block, cards, and text. The smartphone showcases the blogs.

Launchpad Design Optimised

Qina.tech was designed with a fluid design in mind. Not just mobile, any screen size or browser software, something Kajabi does badly, we solved it using Launchpad designer.

The Qina website was created fully mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop and large screen optimised, and they load faster. We ensured all assets are sized with for effective SEO and positioned for an engaging mobile and desktop experience.

Kajabi SEO Design & Development

The Kajabi blog and website design & blog were created with SEO at the forefront of our design. Launchpad contains a powerful Google integration into our SEO engine to ensure maximum exposure to search engines for the Attract phase of the campaign.

The site was designed and developed to generate qualified leads and conversions using a clean SEO focussed page into the  top of the Acquisition funnel, unique to Launchpad design.  

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Delivering the future of health

‚óč Digital Strategy
‚óč Membership automation
‚óč Web & product design
A Be Mobile 'Tutorial Hub,' a digital product providing exercise tutorials is displayed on two smartphones. The left phone displays the product's menu with options like 'Why exercise matters' and 'Managing conditions.' The right phone shows video thumbnails. On the left side is a branded colour pallet. In the foreground, a senior woman lifts dumbbells with assistance from a younger trainer.
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Techno magic for producers

‚óč Digital Strategy¬†
‚óč Membership automation
‚óč Web & product design
A mobile phone displaying the 'Mixmasters' website page interface with a dark theme. The website's slogan, 'Make Better Music & Get Signed!' is at the top. Below is a video thumbnail with a play button and a greeting message, as well as logos of music labels like 'Defected' and 'Armada Music.' To the left, a branded colour palette and stylized black-and-white photo of a man in sunglasses, a hat, and a leather jacket clapping his hands.



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We design, launch & scale automated Kajabi websites & marketing funnels.

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