Teachers change the game!

We helped two amazing middle school teachers from California introduce a game-changing framework that gave teachers more freedom and helped students to excel.

Two smiling women are sitting close to each other. Behind them is a smartphone screen that displays an 'EB Academics' website with welcoming text and graphics. On the left side, is a branded colour palette. The rightmost screen has a login interface titled 'EB Academics.'


EB Academics goal is to get students motivated to learn and love their English class while also mastering the standards (without them even realizing it). With a great framework and approach to teaching writing across all writing styles, students’ success becomes inevitable.


Hundreds of products on Kajabi can confuse customers. We needed a better way to display our content and improve engagement for multiple membership levels to launch beyond seven figures.



Launchpad Marketplace was the key to creating a powerful search engine and online store to remove hundreds of separate products into one simple experience. Plus, the team designed and built a beautiful and very powerful Dashboard with three different membership levels with automatic upsells for members of different levels.


Funnel Design

Post-Discovery we created a simple Acquisition funnel into the free product and Dashboard.

Dashboard Development

We developed a powerful membership Dashboard, showing content to different membership levels using the latest code.

Course Design

We designed & developed a powerful custom library & Dashboard for multiple membership levels.


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Sharing Kajabi content via Marketplace


The power of Launchpad Marketplace on Kajabi.  When a customer has hundreds of products on Kajabi, how do we get that under control and stop them from moving to WordPress? Marketplace is the answer!

Branding & Styles

Eb Academics already had a well-established brand with a lot of pastel colours. We worked closely with the team to bring the design to life.

We pulled together all the branding into a single colour pallet on the Kajabi stylesheet. Launchpad has a centralised solution to control colours, fonts, buttons, links and many other styles and branding on a Kajabi website.


Kajabi responsive design

We relished the challenge of making the EBteacher Marketplace and Launchpad Dashboard fully optimised for all devices, which at one point required an overhaul of the mobile UX to help this 7 figure business grow and scale.

A responsive design was not all that was required. For obvious reasons, Schools have increased levels of security and student privacy policies, which required us to implement a new security and privacy policy within our Consent and privacy module within Launchpad. Problem solved!

Fun fitness with a purpose

‚óč Custom Checkouts
‚óč Pricing Plans
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Bringing Exercise to the world

‚óč Digital Strategy
‚óč Membership automation
‚óč Web & product design
Two smartphones and a woman doing yoga. The left phone shows a social media post from 'dreambodyclub' with a woman exercising and a calorie count. Next to it is the branded colour palette. The right phone displays the website interface with a calendar marked 'Workout Day' and options to 'Choose activity'.



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We design, launch & scale automated Kajabi websites & marketing funnels.

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