Self-care and education for aging women

The Aging Project wants to show you how we can all choose to age fabulously and without apology, and to own our age with pride - with great health, style and vitality. Hosted by Shelley Craft.

A cheerful woman in a striped orange and white t-shirt stands beside a smartphone showcasing a wellness website. The website's screen features a bold statement, 'Aging is a challenge, let's do it bloody well!'. Below are product images and descriptions. The colour palette includes soft oranges. whites, and green..

Funnel Design

Post-Discovery we created a simple Acquisition funnel into the free product and Dashboard.

Dashboard Development

We developed a powerful membership Dashboard, showing content to different membership levels using the latest code.

Course Design

We designed & developed a powerful custom library & Dashboard for multiple membership levels.


The Aging Project logo in white

Self-care and education for aging women


The Aging Project is a trail-blazing project that flips the bird to the notion that women in their forties and above should be either slowly fading into the background, or in a constant battle to look younger.



A dedicated homepage is crucial for a website and conversions. It must have a logical structure, tell a compelling story, showcase expertise, and include a clear call to action. It is our chance to present our value proposition and make it easy for users to instantly see the benefits.
For The Aging Project brand, we considered various components such as the host's - Shelly Craft background, their podcast, and the advantages of signing up. We combined all of that into a captivating homepage that generates leads.
With our LaunchPAD software, we pushed Kajabi's limits once again by designing a beautiful, highly efficient page that loads in seconds.

Acquisition Funnel

The Acquisition Funnel is a highly effective method for attracting and converting individuals into members. Our team has extensively researched and refined this funnel, creating a smooth and straightforward journey with a clear progression. The Aging Project experienced significant benefits from implementing the Acquisition Funnel, as it enabled them to effortlessly connect with their target audience through an automated process.
The client was amazed by the influx of website traffic and the number of people who actually took the next step of signing up. This breakthrough opened up numerous possibilities for maintaining an engaging platform.
A wellness website 'The Aging Project' is shown on three screens including desktop, tablet, and mobile phone showcasing the screen-optimized design.

Launchpad Design Optimised

With the help of Launchpad, we conquered these obstacles, delivering an optimised The Aging Project website that seamlessly adapts to mobiles, tablets, laptops, desktops, and large screens. Faster loading times, strategically sized assets, and enhanced SEO effectiveness ensure an engaging experience across both mobile and desktop platforms.


Personalized Dashboards take user experience to the next level. The outdated standard Kajabi Library lacks flexibility and fails to provide any opportunities.
In contrast, our bespoke LaunchPAD website theme includes a built-in Dashboard that prioritizes member experience. With modern design, diverse tools, and intuitive navigation, we create exceptional platforms.
The Aging Project Dashboard has truly elevated the platform, giving it a fresh and modern appearance while significantly enhancing the brand's character. Through various Dashboard tactics and customised tools, we have taken the brand to new heights.


A podcast is an excellent tool for building an audience and driving traffic to your website and brand. Kajabi offers a convenient built-in podcast solution that seamlessly integrates with all the tools on their platform.
Our team highly recommends having a podcast as it provides a platform to demonstrate your credibility and expertise, connect with your audience, and expand your reach.
The LaunchPAD website theme has been specifically designed to integrate flawlessly with Kajabi, and this project allowed us to showcase that capability.
We have successfully integrated The Aging Project podcast with the Dashboard, enabling members to access the content directly from their Dashboard. The Dashboard Podcast page loads the Kajabi podcast within it, creating a seamless user experience and eliminating the need for additional tabs.

Dashboard Shop

The Dashboard Shop, an exclusive members-only page, elevates our standard shop to new heights. With its custom-built design, we have the power to curate specific products and target individual members.
Conveniently located within the Dashboard, the Shop provides a seamless browsing experience for our members. It serves as a valuable tool, allowing people to explore additional products and services at their own pace, finding their perfect fit.
During this project, we implemented the Dashboard Shop to showcase bestsellers from another public store associated with the brand. This decision brought synchronization and ease to the entire process, as all resources were consolidated under the Dashboard umbrella.

Meteor Product Theme

The Meteor Product theme is our most advanced custom theme, elevating Kajabi products with incredible functionality. It instantly improves the user experience and pushes the boundaries of what Kajabi can do.
With features like favourites, custom welcome screens, advanced search, and post tabs, this theme has the power to greatly enhance the user journey and scale a business.
In fact, the Meteor product theme played a crucial role in this project, significantly impacting the user journey and contributing to higher conversion rates. By implementing this theme to a few products, we saw an influx of comments and unprecedented engagement. Sales skyrocketed, leading to remarkable growth for the brand.


The LaunchPAD Stylesheet is an essential page for every project. It guarantees uniformity in branding and design across the entire website.
This Stylesheet allows us to effortlessly customise any branding colour, font, or button. It offers an impressive level of design precision, providing settings that were previously unavailable on Kajabi.
The Stylesheet for this project truly empowered us to establish the branding elements of the business and create a winning design strategy that deeply connects with the target audience.
Big Happy Family in black

Passive income powered by property!

‚óč Digital Strategy
‚ó謆Investment page
The smartphone's screen displays a 'Big Happy Family' website with the message
DreamBodyClub logo in black

Bringing Exercise to the world

‚óč Digital Strategy
‚óč Membership automation
‚óč Web & product design
Two smartphones and a woman doing yoga. The left phone shows a social media post from 'dreambodyclub' with a woman exercising and a calorie count. Next to it is the branded colour palette. The right phone displays the website interface with a calendar marked 'Workout Day' and options to 'Choose activity'.



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We design, launch & scale automated Kajabi websites & marketing funnels.

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