Income powered by property

Learn how we designed a £100 million investment brand including financial compliance on the kajabi platform.

Dan Taylor founded Taylor Capital to help business owners and professionals with no time create multiple passive income streams via transforming Commercial Real Estate into high performance income producing assets.



Dan Taylor has helped people generate millions through his uniqie investment stratgies combinging commercial property and businesses, could we build it into a digital product?



Hey presto, a fresh new brand was launched to show off the latest tech. We not only delivered a powerful financial certification engine to qualify each member, we delivered a cool Dashboard to deliver the content to different membership levels.


Funnel Design

Post-Discovery we created a simple Acquisition funnel into the free product and Dashboard.

Kajabi Development

We developed a sophisticated search engine using cutting edge front & backend coding.

Custom Designs

We designed & developed a powerful custom library & Dashboard for multiple membership levels.


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Passive income powered by property!


Strategic investment and advisement in real estate and technology verticals. Taylor Capital works with existing property investors and SSAS trustees.


The Stylesheet is a crucial component of our LaunchPAD website theme, serving as a powerhouse for website design and branding. It consolidates all the essential elements such as colours, fonts, button and card designs, and more.
With the Stylesheet, we have the ability to make changes across the entire platform from one centralised page. This greatly simplifies the process of managing branding and design, while also ensuring that key information is easily accessible.
In this particular project, we made extensive use of the Stylesheet as we started from scratch with the branding. Through thorough research and analysis, we developed a comprehensive brand book which then informed the creation of the Stylesheet. This tool has played a pivotal role in empowering us to craft the stunning designs that we have achieved.

Launchpad Design Optimised

Taylorcapital website boasts complete optimization for various screen sizes and browsers, including mobiles, tablets, laptops, desktops, and large screens. Moreover, we significantly improved loading times across all devices. Every asset was carefully sized to enhance SEO effectiveness, strategically positioned to create an immersive and captivating experience for both mobile and desktop users.


The homepage is a vital page on any website. It acts as the gateway to your site and plays a crucial role in connecting with your target audience.
Our team absolutely loves creating homepages because it gives us the perfect opportunity to showcase your brand, demonstrate our expertise, and establish trust. With our LaunchPAD software, the possibilities are endless, and we have all the necessary tools to design a captivating page that tells a compelling story and enables you to engage with your audience.
During this project, we had numerous factors to consider. Our goal was to highlight the founder's extensive expertise and showcase the diverse range of businesses he has previously worked with. We incorporated several unique sections that you wouldn't typically find on a standard Kajabi page, allowing us to create something incredibly effective in terms of conversion.

Acquisition Funnel

The Acquisition Funnel is an essential strategy in our work. It efficiently converts leads into members through an automated process, adding significant value.
This sign-up funnel has been thoroughly tested and consistently delivers outstanding results. Building it is a complex task that requires implementing multiple tactics, automations, and utilising the LaunchPAD software.
In this particular project, we deployed the Acquisition funnel because the client had a freebie that perfectly aligned with the sign-up's purpose. This not only enhanced the user experience but also ensured the conversion of high-quality leads and the establishment of strong relationships with them.

Public Pages

Expanding the number of public pages offers numerous advantages. It enhances credibility, enables a more comprehensive narrative, and boosts search engine optimisation (SEO) to secure a prominent position in search results.
Creating public pages through LaunchPAD is an immensely gratifying experience. The software empowers us to unleash our creativity, knowing that any design concept can be brought to life.
We developed multiple public pages for Taylor Capital with the goal of optimising the website, delivering valuable information, and attracting the desired target audience. The outcome surpassed expectations, as each page excelled in both aesthetics and SEO performance.

Investment Pages

The use of different pages on your website is incredibly powerful for building your brand and growing your business. You can unleash your creativity while still delivering value to your target audience, driving conversions, and creating effective sales funnels.
Our investment pages for this project were truly exceptional. They were highly intricate, incorporating various offers and automations, utilising different on-page tabs, and featuring stunning designs that are optimised for all device sizes.
What made these pages truly unique was their ability to cater to three distinct segments - website leads, logged-in members, and certified members. The final solution was remarkably sophisticated, providing value to each group individually.
The investment page showcased a range of investment deals, with each deal leading to its own dedicated page containing detailed information and a clear call to action at every stage of the customer journey.


Having a blog is crucial as it helps you establish yourself as an expert in your field and build an online presence. It also provides a platform to connect with your audience and start a conversations. Moreover, a blog plays a vital role in improving your SEO and ensuring that you reach your target audience.
With LaunchPAD, we can break free from the standard Kajabi blog's rigidity and create custom sections. Your blog should prioritise user-friendliness and include a clear call to action for users to take the next step.
We successfully deployed our custom blog to the Taylor Capital project, resulting in significant improvements in both its reach and overall website design.


Businesses must adhere to the latest regulations and ensure the legality of their websites. However, this can be a challenging task that requires the right information and software.
Our Consent solution eliminates the hassle for brands by taking care of everything. It provides all the necessary legal pages in one convenient hub, along with a Cookie pop-up. We collaborate with qualified experts to ensure compliance and protect the businesses we work with.
This client, in particular, was thrilled to have Consent deployed for their website due to their line of work. Website compliance was a top priority for them, and having Consent has brought them a great deal of peace of mind.


Having a Dashboard is essential for optimising your platform. Managing products and memberships on Kajabi can be challenging, but with a customisable and flexibile Dashboard, you have the power to do anything you want.
The Dashboard, exclusively available to members, is an integral part of the LaunchPAD website theme. It seamlessly integrates with other pages within the Dashboard, enhancing the overall user experience. Its versatility allows for easy navigation while providing advanced features.
The Taylor Capital Dashboard is meticulously designed, taking into account various user journeys. It effectively showcases the brand's exceptional products and services, elevating the overall quality of the platform.

Dashboard Onboard

Creating a valuable and user-friendly onboarding process is crucial for member retention. We have developed various strategies and funnels to ensure that our members have the best possible onboarding experience. Our aim is to acquaint them with the platform and assist them in resolving their immediate problem.
One of our tactics is the Dashboard Onboard pages, which are specifically designed to welcome members and guide them in the right direction based on their individual needs. This page features custom card designs from our Stylesheet, tailored to different segments of our audience. They enhance the overall experience and effectively accommodate members through an automated funnel.

Dashboard Products

The Dashboard Products page is a highly advanced and custom-built library located within the Dashboard. It features carefully selected products, along with a video and a call-to-action button. This page serves as both a comprehensive library and a convenient shop, as the product cards automatically adjust based on member offers and permissions.
This exceptional page has the power to enhance any platform it is integrated into. Not only does it provide members with a user-friendly catalog of products, but it also encourages upselling opportunities simultaneously.
We have seamlessly incorporated this tailor-made page into the Taylor Capital product after recognising the immense benefits it can bring to the platform. It smoothly aligns with the overall concept and serves as an invaluable tool for the various user journeys.

Dashboard Booking

The Dashboard Booking page is a highly popular feature within the Dashboard. It seamlessly integrates with Calendly, making it an invaluable tool for any platform. Users can easily schedule calls directly from their Dashboard account. With the appropriate permissions and automations, its capabilities are further enhanced.
In this project, we added the Dashboard Booking page to accommodate our client's busy schedule and their option for one-on-one business calls. This addition has greatly improved the overall user experience and surpassed our initial expectations.

Dashboard Upsell

The Dashboard Upsell is a powerful tool that allows us to present enticing offers to our members. With a range of strategies and funnel designs at our disposal, we can tailor the upsell experience to each client's specific needs.
In this particular project, we utilised the Upsell page to showcase the business's exclusive VIP club, offering a high-end opportunity. To enhance the page even further, we incorporated the UX selector feature. This innovative addition allowed us to create multiple tabs, each revealing a video accompanied by compelling copy. Additionally, a strategically placed button guided users to the next step in the process.
By seamlessly integrating this page with the dashboard, we ensured a smooth user journey while showcasing exceptional functionality and delivering outstanding results.


Studio is an incredibly powerful service we offer. It's a software that allows you to conduct live calls with ease. Integrated seamlessly with Kajabi, Studio can be accessed directly from your Dashboard. With Studio, there's no need for external platforms, apps, or extra tabs.
Studio has the capacity to accommodate any number of participants and offers a variety of layouts, languages, and even video recording capabilities. It's a fantastic addition to any website or Dashboard, as it not only holds immense potential but also keeps the user experience within your own platform.
Taylor Capital is a long-standing client who has been using Studio since the beginning, and they couldn't be happier. It's incredibly user-friendly and aligns perfectly with their brand's objectives.

eSign Funnels

Our team constantly pushes the boundaries of Kajabi, always striving to add new features and transform any idea into reality. One of our most powerful solutions is the integration of a form inside the Dashboard via eSign. This feature offers incredible versatility, allowing us to accommodate various journeys, sign documents, conduct polls, and much more.
We have developed multiple eSign funnels for Taylor Capital, which are both complex and highly effective. These funnels provide a seamless experience, guiding different investor types in the right direction. All of this is achieved on a single page within the Dashboard, with additional flexibility and power provided by automated processes running in the background.
The eSign funnels have been utilised by our client for a significant period of time, completely transforming the user experience and delivering impressive results.

Kajabi Custom Product Theme

While working on Kajabi, we've identified numerous opportunities and needs beyond the standard product themes. We have developed and offer a range of custom product themes, each tailored to specific types of courses, products, or memberships.
One of our latest product themes, Meteor, is incredibly versatile and can accommodate both membership products and any type of course. It offers a sidebar, global search bar, the ability to add favourites, as well as different tabs, making it highly useful.
This particular client has multiple Kajabi products, each with its own structure and purpose. After reviewing the project, we decided to deploy Meteor as it enhances the user experience within these products, improves content quality, and seamlessly integrates with the Dashboard.


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