Elevate Learning Experiences with Kajabi!

To build a dashboard for the SpeechTimeFun website, we implemented a systematic approach that efficiently organises and allocates the range of resources available, such as printable materials, therapy ideas, games, and worksheets.


Mathieu's passion for teaching music has changed lives. What if he could make learning more fun and help connect with millions of like-minded musicians worldwide? help connect with millions of like



Mathieu has changed lives with his passion for teaching music, especially the guitar. How could we help?  We wanted to help make learning more fun and make it easier to connect with each other in this hyper-digital world.



The team at Motivation designed and built a web-based experience that improved engagement and made learning more fun. A free course on signup that demonstrated the power of community and a beautifully designed course showing progress as they went.  We designed an experience that provided they are just one click away from playing the guitar.  


Funnel Design

Post-Discovery we created a simple Acquisition funnel into the free product and Dashboard.

Kajabi Development

We developed a sophisticated search engine using cutting edge front & backend coding.

Course Design

We designed & developed a powerful custom library & Dashboard for multiple membership levels.


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Elevate Learning Experiences with Kajabi!


To build a dashboard for the SpeechTimeFun website, we implemented a systematic approach that efficiently organises and allocates the range of resources available, such as printable materials, therapy ideas, games, and worksheets.


The main function of the website's homepage is to be the gateway to your site, providing a valuable chance to highlight your brand. Our primary objective is to craft a captivating storyline along with visually impressive aesthetics. Just as crucial is the capability to recognize the challenges faced by your intended audience and promptly offer solutions through your value proposition. This strategy further enhances the groundwork laid by the narrative.

A skillfully designed homepage follows a structured layout and incorporates a concise call to action. It enables you to engage with your desired audience and kickstart a significant connection with them.


Acquisition Funnel

The Acquisition Funnel is a vital component of our operations. It effectively transforms potential leads into members through an automated procedure, contributing substantial worth.

This registration funnel has undergone comprehensive testing and consistently produces exceptional outcomes. Constructing it is a multifaceted undertaking that involves the application of various strategies, automations, and making use of the LaunchPAD software.

Branding & Styles

In the process of designing the dashboard for the SpeechTimeFun website, we incorporated the purple colour from the main customer's website to the new stylesheet.

By incorporating the purple colour from the main website into the dashboard, we leverage the positive psychological associations, create a calming atmosphere, and maintain a consistent brand identity. These factors contribute to a user-friendly and engaging experience on the SpeechTimeFun website, enhancing the effectiveness of speech therapy and language development efforts.


Launchpad Design Optimised

The development of the Speechtimefun website was driven by the deliberate intention to create a design that effortlessly adjusts to different screen sizes and browser software. Unlike Kajabi, which faces difficulties in this area, we tackled these challenges head-on using Launchpad.

The outcome is Speechtimefun website that is fully optimised for a range of devices including mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, and large screens.


 Having a Dashboard is essential for enhancing the user experience and providing a high-quality platform. It is an integral part of our LaunchPAD website theme, and we have witnessed its significant impact.

The Dashboard is incredibly sophisticated and customizable. It can accommodate a variety of cards and seamlessly load pages, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable user journey.

This client was thrilled with the Dashboard, having recognised its immense potential. We incorporated various maps, blueprints, and strategies, along with custom pages, to elevate the platform and deliver exceptional results.

Dashboard Content

The STF Dashboard is an incredibly powerful tool that can handle a wide range of content. We have created various bespoke page specifically for showcasing course materials, utilising bullet lists, videos, copy, and text.
This innovative feature has allowed us to revolutionise the way we deliver membership benefits. Not only does it enhance the user experience by gamifying it, but it also makes it effortless for members to derive value from their membership.
Our team is constantly striving to improve the Dashboard and the delivery of content. We are passionate about creating memberships that truly showcase the brand and product at their best.

Dashboard Downloads

The Dashboard Downloads page is an exclusive feature that you won't find easily on Kajabi. Our team, however, loves pushing the boundaries and creating innovative solutions. That's how we came up with the idea for the Dashboard Downloads page. We recognized the need for a more efficient way for users to access their downloadable materials and experience immediate value.
With the Dashboard Downloads page, there's no longer a need for emails or complicated automations. Users can simply download their materials right then and there. It's a fantastic tool that can be used by both free members and those enrolled in a course or membership.
In this particular case, our client had a large number of downloadable materials. Implementing the Dashboard Downloads page was a no-brainer. It seamlessly integrated with the rest of the members-only platform and enhanced the overall user experience.

Dashboard Datatools

The Dashboard Datatools is an exclusive page tailored specifically for this client. It showcases one of LaunchPAD's most exceptional and influential features, the UX selector. This remarkable tool allows us to assign buttons to various content elements and display them only when the corresponding button is clicked. The UX selector is a highly advanced feature that enhances the functionality and versatility of the page.
Furthermore, the Datatools page seamlessly integrates with Sleep Elevate, providing members with the convenience of accessing their Sleep Elevate accounts directly from within the Dashboard. This integration ensures a seamless and consistent user experience.
The existence of this comprehensive page serves as a testament to the immense power and capabilities of the LaunchPAD software. It demonstrates that no request is beyond the reach of our software, showcasing its limitless potential.

VideoAsk Integration

VideoAsk is an exceptional platform that enables brands to connect with their audiences, foster relationships, and enhance trust. Its remarkable capabilities compelled us to develop a VideoAsk integration with LaunchPAD.
Our skilled engineers successfully incorporated VideoAsk into the Dashboard, ensuring convenient accessibility for members. Positioned in the bottom right-hand corner, it seamlessly blends with the platform's aesthetics.
The client, who was already utilising VideoAsk, was thrilled to discover its incorporating within the Dashboard. This integration harmoniously unified the user journey and elevated the communication to new heights.

Meteor Product Theme

The Meteor product theme is a custom theme that our team is continuously improving. We stay up-to-date with the latest trends to ensure it evolves and delivers optimal results.
Meteor offers flexibility and unique functionalities not found in standard Kajabi themes. It features a sidebar with sleek Dashboard aesthetics and a "favorites" section for members to bookmark valuable posts.
We chose to deploy the Meteor theme for this project to enhance the products, maintain consistency, and provide an exceptional member experience.

Custom Checkouts

Our clients absolutely love Custom Checkouts! They not only add incredible functionality but also enhance the overall aesthetics. Our Custom Checkout is packed with exceptional details like an FAQ accordion, a badge, incorporated buttons, and more.
Having a Custom Checkout is a game-changer when it comes to building trust with potential clients and ensuring a seamless journey for them. It's a powerful tool that brings the entire platform together.
In this project, we went above and beyond by implementing a custom registration checkout to streamline the sign-up process. Additionally, we created paid custom checkouts that seamlessly integrate with the Dashboard.

Cancellation Funnel

A Cancellation funnel is essential for any business. It allows us to gather feedback and better serve our audience's needs. Our carefully designed Cancellation funnel incorporates multiple strategies and tactics to promote customer retention.
To ensure success, we include various outcome options, upsells, downsells, and surveys. Additionally, we implement email campaigns to reassure members that they have control over their accounts and offer retention funnel choices.
Adapting to this client's complex cancellation process required us to develop and implement various strategies in our funnels. However, the end result has proven to be highly efficient and user-friendly for both the client and their audience.

ThriveCart Integration

One of the challenges we faced in this project was integrating the client's preferred payment method, ThriveCart. Normally, Kajabi works seamlessly with Stripe and Paypal, making it more convenient to incorporate them into the overall business and internal processes.
Our team dedicated a significant amount of time to figuring out how to integrate ThriveCart while still delivering exceptional results and effectively managing offers, tags, and automations. We successfully implemented a ThriveCart portal within the Dashboard, allowing members to access their accounts and easily manage everything through the STF platform.
In the end, we developed complex yet efficient processes and operations, ensuring an impeccable user experience.

LaunchPAD Store

The Kajabi Store often goes unnoticed and is underutilised by many. However, with the LaunchPAD software, we can transform this page into a highly converting powerhouse.
The Store page we implement is more intricate as it serves both the public and members. This grants us greater flexibility to customise and design it according to our preferences.
Since our client was already using the standard Kajabi Store, we immediately recognized the need for an upgrade. The LaunchPAD Store has not only proven to be more effective but has also greatly enhanced the user experience.


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