Level up your music career with Kajabi 

Grammy nominated recording artist & composer, Cheryl B. Engelhardt wanted to level up her membership site on Kajabi, Launchpad Dashboard was the answer. 


Cheryl is a GRAMMY¬ģ-Nominated musician and music career coach who helps other musicians unlock their true potential and make it happen in the music industry.



Inthekeyofsuccess.com has changed hundreds of lives, now it's time to change thousands.  We wanted to pull together courses and meberships into a beautifully designed membership portal to increase engagement and sales.


The team at Motivation designed and built a web-based experience that improved engagement and made amplified their membership.  A free course on signup that demonstrated the power of and a beautifully designed course showing progress as they went.  


Web Design

Post Discovery we migrated an old Kajabi premier page to a Launchpad Kajabi SEO funnel page into Aquisition funnel. 

Kajabi Development

We developed Launchpad Dashboard into a powerful multi-level membership system using cutting edge front & backend coding.

Custom Designs

We designed & developed a powerful custom library & Dashboard for multiple membership levels.


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Level up your music career with Kajabi 


Grammy nominated recording artist & composer, Cheryl B. Engelhardt wanted to level up her membership site on Kajabi, Launchpad Dashboard was the answer. 


Branding & Styles

We had a very well established brand to work from.  As part of the design phase we made use of the current branding and we created a fresh pallet with a new series of Blues that was implemented on the Launchpad stylesheet on Kajabi, giving us central control and the power to update styles and colours for the entire website.


The homepage serves as the entrance to your website, offering a prime opportunity to showcase your brand. Our primary goal is to create an engaging narrative and visually stunning designs. Equally important is the ability to identify your target audience's pain points and provide immediate solutions through your value proposition. This approach builds upon the foundation established by the story.
A well-crafted homepage adheres to a structured format and includes a clear call to action. It allows you to connect with your target audience and initiate a meaningful relationship with them.
In this particular project, we utilised our renowned LaunchPAD sections to enhance its aesthetic appeal. However, it was the meticulous flow and strategic approach that truly elevated the outcome, resulting in a highly successful page.

Acquisition Funnel

The Acquisition Funnel, a LaunchPAD strategy, has proven to be highly successful in attracting sign-ups on Kajabi. Every aspect of the user journey has been meticulously refined, taking into account even the smallest details. Through extensive testing and careful consideration of the decision-making process, we have developed an incredibly efficient solution in the form of the Acquisition Funnel.
This well-structured funnel places the user experience at its core, ensuring a seamless sign-up process that benefits both our customers and their target audience.
By implementing the Acquisition Funnel for In The Key of Success, we witnessed a significant boost in their dynamics and conversion rates. The strategic approach behind it paid off tremendously, allowing them to connect with their audience directly from their very own Kajabi platform. The client was thrilled with the remarkable results achieved.

Pricing Page

 The Pricing Page inside the LaunchPAD Website theme is one of the most sophisticated pages. It has been developed with a multitude of tactics and optimisations to cater to various segment groups. This page serves as a connection point for both public visitors and logged-in members, offering different journeys tailored to their needs. With the inclusion of various permissions and automations in the background we have managed further enhance the user experience.
For this particular client, we designed a Pricing page that showcases three distinct pricing plans. Additionally, we have implemented a monthly/yearly toggle feature, which seamlessly aligns with their offer ladder. The automated process integrated into the page provided an additional boost to the sales.
Automated Upgrade/Downgrade
Having automations in place is crucial for a smooth user experience. Our team is dedicated to developing automated processes and eliminating manual work. Enabling members to switch between plans effortlessly, whether upgrading or downgrading, can be a complex task. However, we have implemented strategies that transform this process into a seamless transition.
For this project, our team invested countless hours in implementing these automations and conducting extensive tests. Through our efforts, we were able to determine the most effective way to deliver the upgrade/downgrade process. As a result, we successfully eliminated all the hassle and manual work for our client, whilst providing members with a convenient and quick solution.


Studio is an incredibly powerful service our team offers on Kajabi. With Studio, creators can easily go live directly on their own platform, eliminating the need for external tools like Zoom, Facebook groups, or YouTube.
Studio offers a variety of layouts to suit different types of calls, whether it's 1:1 coaching, webinars, or other scheduled events.
Our team is truly passionate about Studio because it opens up countless new opportunities and removes the reliance on third-party integrations. The Be Mobile team was particularly thrilled with Studio as it allowed them to connect with their audience and conduct live calls right from their own Dashboard.

Custom Checkouts

Custom Checkouts are an excellent tool for elevating your brand's presence on Kajabi, establishing credibility with your audience, and crafting seamless user experiences. The Motivation Custom Checkouts offer the added benefit of auto-populating fields, eliminating any inconvenience, while also incorporating informative sections that aid in the decision-making process.
By implementing our custom checkout solution into this project, we successfully integrated the entire website and journey, resulting in a cohesive and streamlined experience. This enhancement not only improved the signup process but also established a convenient connection between the pricing plans and the checkouts.


The Dashboard is an essential component of every LaunchPAD website theme. It enhances the user experience and improves the overall platform. With its own library page, testimonial slider, and the capability to load any page from the website theme, it offers key features.
For the "In the Key of Success" project, we implemented the LaunchPAD Dashboard and dedicated ourselves to creating a cohesive, functional, and visually appealing platform. The results were outstanding, as it resonated with the audience and significantly boosted sales and conversion rates.
This Dashboard was designed to be intricate, incorporating different sections that are only visible to specific segments. This approach adds a gamified element and further enhances the user experience.

Dashboard Services

The Dashboard Services page is a powerful addition to your platform, especially if you have multiple offers, add-on products, or services. It features our custom UX feature, allowing members to effortlessly switch between different offerings.
This highly sophisticated page is incredibly flexible and can incorporate various elements such as videos, text, images, and accordions. It greatly enhances the user experience and benefits the business.
Our team has implemented this page for the In the Key of Success project and incorporated it into their platform. It aligns perfectly with the brand strategy and complements the diverse content they offer.


Meteor is a custom product theme designed exclusively to elevate the standard Kajabi product. It offers a range of unique features, including the exciting addition of multiple tabs that empower members to effortlessly switch between different content like Comments, Downloads, Transcript, and more.
The potential with Meteor knows no bounds, and our dedicated engineers are continuously working on enhancing it by introducing new features and staying up-to-date with the latest trends. It can be seamlessly utilised for any type of course or membership, elevating the user experience and maintaining cohesiveness with the Dashboard.
We opted to implement Meteor for this project because the new tab feature significantly improves the functionality and overall experience of the product. It provides a structured framework while still allowing flexibility with the content provided.

Timed Upgrade

One of our LaunchPAD strategies focuses on creating an automated funnel that consistently generates sales. This strategy is comprehensive and involves various components such as automations, email sequences, checkouts, coupons, and tags.
With this process, we guide free members through a step-by-step journey where they receive immediate value for free. Then, at a later stage, we present them with an upsell opportunity. Typically, this journey takes 10 days to activate, but it can be customised to fit the specific brand and product.
Recently, we executed a campaign for a client using the Timed Upgrade funnel, which seamlessly implements the upsell. We managed everything from Kajabi and utilised our Pricing plan to offer a targeted discount to the appropriate segment. The results were outstanding, demonstrating the effectiveness of this approach.


Our Consent and ePrivacy service is designed to safeguard your website. It encompasses both the software and the legal aspects necessary to ensure your website's compliance with current regulations.
Our solution thoroughly scans your entire website, providing valuable feedback to our team and identifying the required changes that need to be made. Additionally, it offers a centralised location for all essential legal pages and includes a Cookie pop-up, which is crucial for any website.
In this case, our client was very keen on the installation of Consent on their Kajabi platform, as they have a global audience. Compliance not only enhances trust with your audience but is also a legal obligation.

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