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Whether it is any of these or you just want to keep up with how our digital world is evolving, you should definitely spare a moment and get familiar with Kajabi.

Have you ever spoken to your friends or colleagues where they have mentioned Kajabi and you had no clue what they were talking about? Or maybe you have come across it online but still, there was no explanation or even a little hint as to what is the mystery behind it?

Wonder no more.

If you want to learn more on the subject but your time is valuable and you don’t want to waste time reading long, boring articles, you have come to the right place.

What is Kajabi:

Founded: 2010 by Travis Rosser and Kenny Rueter

Kajabi is an online platform that provides its user with a simplified tech-system that has everything you need to sell your product. Kajabi aims to put an end to the complications that entrepreneurs encounter when managing an online business. It has a selection of integrated tools that help members create online courses, carry our marketing campaigns and build their website pages. All of this has been made possible in order for people to find a place where their sales and marketing funnels are being stored in one place for the convenience of the user as well as their future customers.

About the President of Kajabi:

Jonathan Cronstedt was appointed President of Kajabi in October 2016, his ethos is based on:

  • the importance of businesses adapting to the way our society is starting to operate and all the trends that are constantly reappearing as well as changing.
  • He also acknowledges the increase in mobile device usage and how the every-day person has to be accommodated by applications accessible through a mobile device.
  • Moreover, he emphasises on the change in consumer-provider relationship, where now the customers control the relationship and marketers are constantly trying to position their brands in the consumer’ journey, in order to capture their attention.
  • With employees switching to non-standard employment status’, the need for knowledge is constantly growing. So ultimately Kajabi has created a platform that is easy to use and where everyone can share their knowledge.

Kajabi’s Functionality

As a digital agency, here at Motivation Digital, we come across different digital and media tools. Kajabi is one platform that tends to stand out due to its flexibility and innovative approach thus why Motivation Digital has partnered with them.

The features that Kajabi provides revolve around web hosting, course creation, payment systems and email lists management, narrowing down the customers’ funnels as to what is essential. Templates are also available in every step of the process one plans on taking.

Some key functions that Kajabi offer are:

  • Website builder
  • Online Course builder
  • Membership site builder
  • Landing page builder
  • Funnel Builder
  • Automations (when, then, if sequencing)
  • CRM functionality
  • Email Marketing
  • Webinars
  • Quizzes & Surveys
  • Payment processing
  • Affiliate management 

If you are curious to see whether Kajabi is right for you, a 14-day free trial can be opt-into or even a 28-day trial to users that have selected the hero trial.  

In case you need even more information on how to manage your personal Kajabi tech-system, they also source their own courses where you will have guidance in performing every part of your online-based business development.

What do people think of Kajabi?

Interested in knowing what others think?

We all know that when we have to make a somewhat important decision, the first thing we do is Google what others think of it, their opinions and reviews. This is why it won’t surprise you that there are many reviews regarding Kajabi on the Internet. A summary of the platform’s advantages and disadvantages, based on online evaluations, can be found below:


  • Kajabi has no plug-ins making it extremely convenient as you can manage your whole e-commerce business in one place, this is also accessible from mobile devices
  • Suitable for people of all experiences with its easy to use features, including the course building tool, marketing funnel and page design
  • Kajabi offers 24/7 support with the ‘Chat online with us’ feature guaranteeing a reply in no longer than 5 minutes. This support system has been recognised for its “excellent customer service”
  • With new features regularly being released, Kajabi is constantly evolving and developing the way they conduct courses and communicate with audiences


  • Kajabi provides access to many features, including email marketing or hosting. However, some users seem to dislike the fact that even though all these options are available, Kajabi is considered to be not best in any of them, meaning that there are alternative options one can seek out.
  • The inability for users to customize their websites. Although, the themes provided are reviewed as good, users tend to want more freedom to edit their templates. In terms of personalisation, members also complain about the emails being too simplistic instead of allowing creativity. If you are interested in customising your website and defining Kajabi's boundaries then Motivation Digital can definitely help you!
  • Pricing has been bothering people, in terms of Kajabi being meant for any sized businesses, however, prices would not be affordable to all. It might appear to users that Kajabi is slightly more expensive than Squarespace or Wordpress, however, the comparison should be between Kajabi and 10 different platforms you would otherwise need to plug into your business.

“What is Kajabi?” Google Ranking

If you have asked yourself the question what Kajabi is but did not go through all the possible information Google can offer, let me narrow it down for you, in terms of everything you can come across.

Kajabi's Official Website

If Googling that question, you are very likely to find at least two or three results that will direct you to Kajabi’s official website, where you will not get too much information but can still acquire a brief overview of what the company is all about, as well as their most basic information.

Personal Opinions

Another result that you will definitely come across is a selection of blogs where personal opinions have been raised. If you are interested in finding out long, detailed description about the many functions of Kajabi, then maybe you would want to head over there and spend hours.

Kajabi Reviews

One thing that you will definitely not fail to miss and you have probably been hoping not to is a review-based website, giving you all the insights as to what existing or previous users think of Kajabi. Let me break it down to you, all you are going to find is similar reviews, discussing pretty much the same points.  

Kajabi Detailed Set up

If for some reason with searching what Kajabi is, you also intended on finding out a long description of each step you will go through, in case you want to put a course out there, not to worry, that can be found as well.

Kajabi Course Introduction Videos

There are also some informative videos that will pop up on your screen and they could be considered helpful if you would like to see how once logged in Kajabi the website is structured and what are the features you can experience when building your course. Some comparison videos are also available as well, where if you are someone that is looking for more information regarding how to launch your course, it could be quite valuable. Bear in mind, you would need to spare approximately 15 minutes for each!

“What is Kajabi” Related Google Queries

Now, it is quite possible that if you are looking for what Kajabi is, you will also be having other questions. Or even if once you have started your research, you would like to know more, here you can find similar queries people have had, as well as the answers to them, all in one place.

How much is Kajabi per month?

One of the most search query is regarding Kajabi's pricing due to people being budget conscious.

The company provides a selection of 3 variations that are:

  • The Basic subscription – it is $149/month or $1,428/per annum (equates to $119/month)
  • The Growth subscription – it includes a $199/month option or $1,908 (equates to $159/month)
  • The Pro subscription - $399/month or $3,828/per annum (equates to $319/month)

What is Kajabi next?

Many people seem to have gotten confused and googled what the difference between Kajabi and Kajabi Next is. Kajabi Next used to be another version of Kajabi but since then the platform has launched an improved version.

Does Kajabi have an app?

Kajabi does indeed have an app. First of all, users can log into their accounts through their mobile device. If interested in getting an app from the app store, two separate apps can be found. One is called Hero University, which basically contains the Kajabi online courses that users can go through for their on-boarding. The other one is called Relay by Kajabi and it is designed to allow users to record, edit and upload the videos for their online courses.

What is Kajabi Hero

If you are familiar with Kajabi or at least know a little bit about the platform, you have probably heard of Kajabi Hero. Many people seem to have but are unclear about what that represents. A Kajabi Hero is somewhat a title that is given to a user who has accumulated more than $1000 using Kajabi for their eLearning business.

There you have it. All you need to know about what Kajabi is and what information your search engine can offer.

Now share with us what you think of Kajabi and let us know whether you enjoyed the article or not!

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