Has digital marketing still not influenced your business or buying behaviour?

That's highly unlikely. It most certainly has, maybe you just haven't been able to notice it.

Digital marketing is a term that we have begun to hear more often as the days go by. It is only gonna grow bigger from here -  you need to be quick and hop on this train. Read about the fundamentals of digital marketing, why it has turned into a necessity and the strategies behind it. 

1. What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a fairly popular concept that is built upon traditional marketing that incorporates technology into the process. Digital channels such as social media, email and marketing funnels are being used to better understand the customer, optimise their journey and fit within their lifestyle.

Digital marketing is what every marketer or business owner should turn their energy to due to the modern day and age businesses operate in. The only way forward is the adaptation to new environments, trends and developments.

2. Why you need digital marketing?

- Engagement with customers 

The digital space allows companies to connect with their customers, interact with them and develop loyalty. Communication is a key factor in forming relationships with your audience and differentiating your brand in the market.

- Evolving with the digital space

If you are not practicing any digital activities, you are missing out on numerous opportunities. Being able to adapt and grow as an organisation is crucial for your development and goals.

- Opportunity to increase sales

Incorporating digital marketing into your business will allow you to perform different promotions and targeting towards your consumers. You are able to integrate different offers, provide exclusive content and try various things that will generate more leads and power your brand.

- Fit in the new lifestyle

With the Internet having taken over, people are constantly on their phone - browsing in the digital space. Brands need to adapt to that and start satisfying their consumers outside of the physical world in order to bring convenience that will inspire a preference towards their brand. 

- Create a brand aesthetic 

Using numerous digital tools and designs will help you brand your business the way you want it to. You have various platforms to spread your message on, develop your image and inspire people to be a part of it. 

- Start a community

Being able to secure a space where you can exchange value with your consumers and have them form a “family” is going to have great results on your brand performance. It will fit within your brand’s aesthetics and give you a distinctive advantage. 

3. Digital Marketing Examples


SEO is a digital strategy that can have a tremendous impact on your business. It is a way of optimising your website and online platforms which will help you rank higher in the SERP (search engine results page). That is a great tool for generating traffic, spreading awareness and converting leads into customers. It can be done on your website - this is the content and keywords that live on your website, offline - these are links that others post which increases your website authority and technical SEO - refers to optimising your back end to match Google’s algorithm. 

- Content Marketing 

Content marketing is all about providing relevant content that satisfy your website visitors. It can be the copy, visuals or even automations. Optimising that customer journey will increase your chances of converting them and also help for your SEO. For example, video is the most powerful tool you can have on your website at the moment and having one on yours will increase the time people spend on your website and enhance their interaction with your brand. Blogs are also a relevant tool to use, which brings more validation and expertise to your brand.

- Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a must for any business that plans on staying in the market. People are all over social media and if your brand does not have a presence there, you are giving up on various opportunities to connect with your target audience which will ultimately benefit your business. Moreover, many people are likely to check your social media channels before they place a purchase with you. It is a way of checking how trustworthy your company is and if they don’t find anything, they will likely not engage with you and go to a competitor. 

Other types of digital marketing: Email marketing, Pay per click (PPC), Affiliate marketing.

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