In our ever changing lives one thing that remain constant is our desire to fit in. 

Creating a community is a great way to give people a sense of belonging but also enables you to grow your business.

This article will help you understand why you need a community and what are some of the best ways to generate one.  

What is a community?

A community can be perceived as virtual space where like-minded individuals provide advice and support for each other. The most common types of communities are either Facebook groups or one incorporated into your website. 

The interaction inside the community is based on the services your business provides. You have to take the role as the leader and source information, provide value and start conversations. 

Why is it important for your business?

Having a community is an investment of your time that will only benefit you in the long-run. It is a way to broaden your network, create connections, spark loyalty and bring personality to your brand. 

  • Bring Members Together - having a community allows you to offer an actual platform where members can engage and provide support. It entitles them with a sense of belonging and allows them to share that experience together.

  • Share Relevant Information - the opportunity for individuals to learn from each other and post content that might be helpful for others can be extremely valuable for your consumers.

  • Set The Tone - you will be creating an environment that is purely based on their interests, whether they are professional or personal. It gives them a space for growth and development.

  • Exclusivity & Content - having a community brings the responsibility of providing exclusive information that benefits the members. That value deposition can be done by you but also by the participants. 

  • Source Email Addresses - one of the biggest challenges for an online brand is collecting emails for your projects and campaigns. A community is a way to retrieve those emails by offering value, just like a Freebie, only that it is recurring.

How to grow your own community?

Growing your community can be challenging, especially if you are starting from scratch. It will require time, dedication and effort. Here are some ways which you can implement, in order to grow your community:

- Start with existing customers

Even if you are a small business that is just starting out, you can still go down the community road. Invite the people you are already working with or have in the past. It will be beneficial for you to get a hang of it, develop close relationships and be able to shape it as you go along.

- Post good quality content regularly

Engagement is the ultimate goal for your community. You would want people to interact with each other and exchange value. Start by posting content that you know will be beneficial for them, make it interesting and easy to comprehend. Being consistent is also a must if you want to be seeing results. 

- Provide value

Once you have the foundation of your community you would want to invite more people to join in. That can be achieved via an Opt in process. Offer a piece of content that would solve a problem and be of value for your target audience, in order to get their emails. From there, simply invite them in the community and make it explicit that if the join, they will continue to receive more value inside the community. 

- Share it on your social channels

What better way to get people over to your community than through social media? Spread the message on your social platforms and it will be more than likely that it comes across people that fit your criteria. This will not only help you grow your community but also generate traffic towards your website, unless you are using Facebook.

- Simplify the process

It is important to design an opt in/ join now process that can be completed effortlessly. Not many people would be willing to join your community if it requires time and effort to simply get access. People are constantly looking for ways to de-complicate their every-day lives, which is why you must meet their approach.

- Start a newsletter/subscription 

Another way for you to grow a community can be through a newsletter or a subscription where you are guaranteeing to provide value - weekly, monthly or whatever the arrangement may be. You will deliver content to their inbox and they will slowly begin to participate in the community.

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