E-commerce or online shopping is a transition from traditional product selling that has been happening for a while. If you haven't heard of it, you need to do a lot of catching up to do. Starting your own business on your own terms is what many people keep seeking and they have found the freedom of it in e-commerce.

In this blog article, learn how you can start yours and what are the advantages that come with it!

What is An E-commerce Business?

E-commerce generally refers to the action of doing business over the Internet. That might include selling any type of products - goods, services or even intellectual property, online where value is being exchanged at a particular currency. One can be either selling or buying over the Internet and that would be considered as online shopping.

What Are The Types Of E-commerce Businesses?

When we talk about e-commerce it can be confusing to some due to the variety of different types of online businesses. There are some online stores that can sell only to businesses which is referred to as B2B (Business to Business)  and then there are ones that sell to the general public - in that case, that would be B2C (Business to Consumer). Both B2C and B2B can sell any type of product - physical or digital.

One e-commerce type of product hat has been growing popularity is the Affiliates. That revolves around individuals selling particular softwares or platforms in exchange for commission. 


How To Start An E-commerce Business?

Starting an e-commerce can definitely be challenging for both you and your lifestyle. It requires a lot of self-education, experimenting and getting to know the market. Despite the hassle and sleepless nights you might encounter, building something from scratch and transforming it into a flourishing business can be quite rewarding. It will allow you to build your own brand and incorporate flexibility into your daily workload. 

If you are considering going down the e-commerce road, there are some things you would need to consider:

  • Determine Your Niche - the first thing you would need to do is decide what product you want to sell and what is your unique sector of the market.
  • Do The Calculations - before you jump into anything, you would have to carefully use data, and predictions to decide whether it would be the right decision and what investments you might need to do.
  • Have A Plan - map out your journey, consider all possible outcomes and determine each step you need to take that will get you to the end result.
  • Constantly Do Research - the e-commerce industry is constantly changing and you would need to continuously educate yourself in order to survive in the market. Click to read more on why research is important. 
  • Choose The Right Platform - evaluate what online platform will be most beneficial to your product and your goals. 

How Can E-commerce Be Beneficial To You?

Having an e-commerce business can be life-changing to due to its many advantages:

- Being your own boss

Starting your business can be worrying but being your own boss is definitely something most people look forward to. It allows them to pursue their passion, make executive decisions and manage their products. 

- It works 24/7 - you don’t

Having an online business is a way of securing your profitability even if you are not working. People are able to buy anytime they choose to, resulting in you generating income even when you sleep.

- Going global

An e-commerce business will allow you to correspond and deal with people internationally, where the distance will not be a barrier for your brand.

- No restrictions

Developing an online business means no attached restrictions so you can work from anywhere, anytime and the way you choose to.

What Are The Different Platforms To Start On?

When starting your own business you ought to consider what online platform is best suited for your needs. Determine what type of product you would be selling and that will give you an indication as to which tool to pick.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Shopify - if you plan on dealing with physical products that would have to be shipped and dealt with, Shopify is the go to platform. It allows numerous integrations as well as flexibility to building your online success.
  • Kajabi - selling online courses or being a part of what could be referred to as the eLearning industry will definitely point at Kajabi. It is an all in one platform that removes the hassle of having numerous integrations, by allowing you to build, sell and market your course all in one place. Click to read more on Kajabi.
  • Instagram - with the application constantly being upgraded and developed, there are so many features on Instagram that will allow you to sell your product on there as well. 

Other platforms to consider: Amazon, Ebay, Weebly, BigCommerce

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