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What is Cloudflare & why should you use it?

Mar 19, 2021

Cloudflare is a sophisticated network that accelerates websites and internet services and protects them from malicious intent
For millions of website owners using platforms like Kajabi or Wordpress, Cloudflare acts as their internet intermediary, filtering out any bad traffic and improving the website performance for their audience....

Adding Events to your Tockify Calendar

Mar 17, 2021

  Embedding a calendar into a webpage is a great and sophisticated way to share upcoming events with your members or to the public.   We recommend using Tockify to create calendars, as it embeds well...


Mar 16, 2021

Why do you need Facebook verification? Motivation Digital use Artificial Intelligence to optimise the Creative, Launch and Scaling strategies of Facebook, Instagram and Google ads.The LaunchBOT algorithm requires...

How to Reduce the File Size of an Image

Mar 14, 2021

An insight into the tools we use at Motivation Digital to reduce the file size of images
When image files are too big, they take longer to load on webpages, on average you have about 3 seconds for your page to load before the visitor gets bored and leaves the site. This may have you thinking:  ...

All You Need to Know About SEO

Mar 14, 2021

Are you familiar with the term SEO? If you don't know, get to know!
SEO - Search Engine Optimisation The What SEO in a nutshell is ensuring your copy is rich with keywords that can be picked up organically by search engines to improve both the quality and quantity of your traffic....

Blog SEO-Settings on Kajabi

Mar 14, 2021

Learn how to set up your simple blog SEO on Kajabi
Making sure you create SEO-friendly blogs is an important step of setting up your site. How to configure SEO settings on Kajabi blogs First set up your blog SEO settings on Kajabi, do this by following the steps...

How to Add Call To Action Buttons on a Landing Page

Mar 14, 2021

A simple guide on how to add CTA buttons and stacked CTAs on a Kajabi Landing Page
If you want your visitors to do anything you need a Call To Action (CTA) button. You can use a CTA for different things, for example: to go to another landing page, to buy a product, or, to opt-in to your weekly...

Simple Page SEO on Kajabi

Mar 14, 2021

Learn how to set up your page SEO on Kajabi
Setting up your simple page SEO on Kajabi can have a major influence on your overall ranking and website performance.    To set up your simple page Kajabi SEO, go through the following stages: Log into...

Filling Out Site Details on Kajabi

Mar 14, 2021

Learn how to populate the details of your website on Kajabi
  To make sure your website is all set up on Kajabi, you need to go through the following stages: Log into your Kajabi account, click on "Settings" and go into "Site Details"     These are the...

Linking a Form to a Custom Landing Page

Mar 14, 2021

Learn how to link a Kajabi form to a custom landing page
You can link a specific Kajabi form to a particular landing page by going through these steps: Log into your Kajabi account Go to "Marketing" - "Forms" FInd the form you wish to edit and click on it On the right...