Have you ever come across the term Data Driven Design or Growth Driven Design? 


These are only a couple of the various methodologies that can be embraced when designing a website. This article will give you a deeper understanding on some of them, as well as, introduce you to a completely new and innovative approach.


If you are tired of waiting, not getting what you wanted and ready for your website to perform better, then this is for you.

Traditional Design

Traditional web design is a concept that every developer is familiar with. It requires a large amount of time spent on documenting, wire-framing and building the foundation before the actual website design is developed. It is known for being unpredictable with its results, time-consuming and risky. Both the developer and the client are unsure of what the result is going to be, whether it will translate the right message or meet the deadline. Traditional design can easily run for months and end up not performing or meeting the client’s expectations. As the digital space is changing rapidly, so should our design approach. 


Data Driven Design 

Data Driven Design is a more evolved methodology that uses metrics and analytics in order to accelerate the business strategy. It allows developers to undertake research that will guide them in the right direction. It is consumer-focused, aiming to address the target audience’s pain points and translate the right message. DDD, however, can be too absolute by relying solely on data and not taking other factors into consideration. This approach is best implemented when slightly changed, in order to gain more flexibility.


Growth Driven Design


Growth driven design has been built on the foundation of the DDD approach. It still incorporates metrics and constant change, however, it uses more agile and lean product management. It aims to launch a project as quickly as possible, generate analytics and improve based on the results. It is considered as a “smarter” approach that is designed to optimise your business growth. What GDD fails to accomplish is to provide a framework that reduces the time of the process as well as the costs. Many argue that it can be too time-consuming at each stage and increase the costs, which clients tend to avoid.


Motivation.Digital’s Design 


Motivation.Digital’s methodology has been developed in order to reduce both the time and the cost. We use an approach that significantly shortens the “Discovery” stage, where we investigate your brand and develop strategies. This enables us to quickly launch a Homepage that we run metrics on. Our aim is to get your project running as quickly as possible so that we can analyse the results and implement the necessary changes. Motivation.Digital’s concept is designed to provide the best possible design that will increase your performance. It is an iterative process that we constantly improve through running metrics as well as generating new ideas. Our goal is to deliver a web design that is translating the brand’s vision, completely optimised and performing to the best of its abilities. It is a complex process, however, we have made it as easy as possible for our clients to understand, they are included in every step of the way and able to voice their opinions. 

Motivation.Digital’s concept has been carefully tailored and proven to generate results, which is why we believe it is the best possible way to grow your business and do it in an interactive, innovative and exciting new way. 


If you are ready to be a part of this technologically-advanced process and want your business to perform, click the button below and contact us now!