Checklist for LaunchPAD Studio Host

Feb 18, 2022 6:29pm

Use the below checklist for the live stream on your Kajabi website.

As the host of a LaunchPAD Studio, there are a few items to check and confirm before you start and go live. By completing the below checklist you and your attendees will enjoy a professional experience both as a host and as a participant.

Give yourself plenty of time before the advertised start time of the event to run through the below checklist to ensure you and your resources are prepared and ready to go live. Also, we recommend running through a least a couple of practice runs which can be completed with or without invited attendees well before your event date.

Checklist for Live Stream Hosts


  1. Login in & check if you have a Presenter tag.

  2. Check your presenter profile.

  3. Check the Vault (your storage) isn’t full if you going to record the live stream.

  4. Check welcome slide is ready.

  5. Check all shared resources is ready.

  6. Check final/CTA/outro slide is ready.

  7. Set the welcome slide as an active slide.

  8. Turn on video & audio and confirm the video & microphone are working.

  9. Turn off video & audio until ready to start a live stream.

  10. When ready to allow attendees to unlock the room, press the red lock 🔓

  11. Allow time for attendees to join, e.g. 5, 10, or 15 minutes.

  12. If a recording is required click the red button Start. 

  13. Select the recording screen format.

  14. When ready to start click the blue Video button to turn on your host video & microphone.

  15. You are now live.



  1. Share screen by pressing "+" on the top left corner of the screen or on the Open Share Menu button.

  2. Allow other people to speak or use video by pressing the microphone or camera next to their names.

  3. Give other people Presenter rights if it's needed.

  4. Ask questions in chat. If you go live with people from different countries suggest them to choose the language they understand to freely communicate in chat.



  1. On completion select live stream final/CTA/outro slide.

  2. Click the red phone icon to turn off the host video & microphone.

  3. If you record the live stream make sure to say all the goodbyes before pressing the Stop button. 

  4. The Stop button will stop as recording as live streaming and immediately log out the Host and Attendees.

  5. All attendees and the Host will be redirected to their respected membership dashboard page.



  1. If you recorded the live stream navigate to the Vault to find your recordings.

  2. If you don't know how to do this here is a brief guide.


Hope this checklist will help you to provide a professional live stream and all the attendees will get a wonderful experience.

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