Qina.tech Case Study – Personalised Nutrition

Jun 03, 2021 7:38pm


How we powered Qina.Tech in redefining the world of personalised health nutrition and technology.


Learn about the ways we developed our LaunchPAD software to fuel the most advanced database on Kajabi.
Qina.Tech helps companies understand the personalised nutrition market, navigate and search for innovators & ecosystem partners through a comprehensive database and expert network. 

Qina is operated by a dynamic team of individuals driven to make the world healthier through prevention & nutrition by leveraging new technologies and ways of working. With a powerful ecosystem of independent experts, they help companies develop clear strategies, conduct research, develop new inclusive and evidence-based solutions by providing multilingual domain expertise and flexible project support. 



  • Multiple target audiences and journeys

Qina.Tech markets to various target audiences, each of them with a different user journey, which had put the platform in a position of a complex user journey experience.
  • Product Database

As a research company, Qina has a large number of articles and resources, which needed a product re-structuring and access to a database.
  •  Brand Comparison Tool

A key component of Qina's operations' is scoring brands and comparing them with each other based on that score but Qina did not have a solution for displaying that to their members.


  •  Improved signup

We designed a sign-up process that allowed us to segment members into the right audiences, allowing us to improve their user journey as well as make sure they got access to the right information.
Our free sign up strategy worked brilliantly in building an email list, as well as giving leads the opportunity to browse and book a call with the founder.
Moreover, we created a third-party integration with VideoAsk inside Dashboard, that not only improved the user experience but it made the platform that much more engaging.
  • Marketplace

We knew from the beginning that creating a database on Kajabi was going to be challenging, which made us work hard in finding a solution that could best showcase Qina's products and articles. By using LaunchPAD and developing it that step further, we were able to build a tagging system and a custom filtering solution, that allowed all information to be structured and found by a simple search.
  • Score addition to articles

With brand scores, we had to be creative and think outside the box, which enabled us to come up with the perfect tool for scoring and comparison. We developed a new Marketplace level that looks closely at each card, giving viewers not only the features of that brand but marking it with a score, enabling the members to quickly make decisions and improve their research gathering.



Using LaunchPAD's software and constantly working on developing better solutions for the client, we managed to push Marketplace and Kajabi to its' limits, developing a searchable database that improved the client experience and landed Qina a Nutra Ingredients Award.

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