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Nov 17, 2019

5 New Features You Have To Be Using On Your Story



Are you ready to get your groove on?


Instagram stories is are getting more and more popular and seem to be taking off. New developments are being released and the competition is getting tough.


If you want to know how to make your brand stand out, then here are 5 new features that need to be included in your Insta activity:


1. Navigate Your New Post to Your Story


One of the latest trends that everyone is taking advantage is related to promoting your newest post. Once you have published it, users are now reposting it on their Stories and using various different ways of hiding parts of it.

This lets your audience know of your newest post and might drive them to it. Combined with an intriguing caption and arrows pointing to it, you can draw your followers’ attention and all they need to do is click on the picture. If you have added some hashtags, you might be able to attract people that are not even following you.


How to:

In order to do so, you need to simply click on the “Share” button of your post and select “Add to my story”. This will then give you the flexibility to design your story however you want it to look like. Here, you can add a sticker over the post, just so that it sparks curiosity. Don’t forget to add the relevant hashtags and your username so that others can visit your account.


2. The “Join Chat” Sticker


The newest Instagram story development is the so called “Chat” sticker. By selecting it and inserting it into your story, you are allowing users to join a private group chat that you will be hosting. A limit of 31 people exists where you can actually approve who to join your conversation.

With this feature, businesses and individuals can form personal relationships with their followers and gain insights into their audiences.


How to:

To use this feature, create your story and when uploading it to Instagram, simply click on the sticker icon and select the “join chat” sticker. Explain to your audience what the group chat would be about and get ready for a fun private group chat.

To be able to select who joins the chat you would have to go to the Details of it and release the “Approval Required to Join” option.


3. Quiz, Questions and Polls


Other new and engaging features that were released not long ago but have already become massively popular are the quiz, questions and poll stickers. Many use them to connect with others and get that much needed interaction.


How to:

- The Quiz sticker allows you to create a question with a few possible answers and select which is the correct one. Others will not be able to see the right answer and would have the opportunity to try and guess it. It is a perfect way of communication and gaining insights into your sector.

- The Questions sticker simply enables others to click on the sticker and type anything they would like to know from you. You can either repost their question or decide to answer in private. Nonetheless it is a great opportunity for your followers to reach out to you.

- The Poll sticker can be used with either a statement, a question or anything you would like to insert. You will then have 2 possible sections to fill in with the options of answer you would like to grant your viewers with.


All three stickers can be selected from the “Sticker” button.


4. Share Your Music


One feature that not everyone is utilizing yet even though it has been around for quite a while is Instagram’s partnership with Spotify. By selecting the Music option on the Story, users can search for a particular song and choose it as a background music to their story.


How to:

When editing your story on Instagram, select the “Music” option, browse through the different genres and when you have made your decision – just select it. It will automatically apply to your story.


5. Animation


Another trend that has taken off recently is the animation editing. There are numerous apps that provide users with many options of designing the perfect Instagram story. With its creativity, animation is attention-grabbing and a great way of retaining viewers and actually directing them to your account.

There are many tools that can be used in order for your image to have the right filter, speed or even music.


How to:

In order to animate your story, you would need to install a specific app to your device. Each one offers different features.




There we have it! Get on board and start wowing your audience with these amazing new features that will give your account a personalised and creative look. If you need any more guidance on any of them, simply leave a comment and we will try to either get back to you or even put up a relevant guide.