Instagram’s Hottest Trends

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Nov 17, 2019

Keep up with the trends if you want to be trendy!



If you know your way around Instagram you are probably aware of the constant changes and trends.

You see a cool picture or a creative video and you think to yourself “How do I do this?”.

You don’t need a whole team of designers and content creators to bring your Instagram into the spotlight. You just need an account and a sparkle of curiosity.

In this article you will get familiar with 7 of the biggest movements and new features of the social platform as well as why you should be getting involved.

If you are tired of asking questions and ready for some answers, then let’s get to it.


1.Personalised Explore page

As we all know, Instagram’s algorithm can be changed or re-design any minute and that always leaves users with a new environment they have to adapt to in order to keep their account relevant.

After the newest tweaks of the Insta development, the explore page feed has completely changed. Instagram is now responsible for the content you are receiving based on the algorithm deciding what your account is interested in.

A user can simply explore a niche category such as “travel” or “food” with a shortcut to the shop section and IGTV.

Another available option is the Story section where one can spend hours on, simply tapping through different posts that the app has chosen to be relatable to you.

Why should I get involved?

The reason why the new Explore page should matter to your business is so that you can adapt your content to the changes and make sure it pops up on that Explore page of your target audience.




2. More Real Content

The days were perfection was expected on Instagram are now over with people being more and more authentic and real. You would start so see more users being true to themselves rather than trying to portray an imaginary perfect world they used to pretend to live in.

Being honest, sharing personal stories in your caption and pictures that show your rough side are actually getting more popular by the minute with numerous influencers enhancing the movement.

Why should I get involved?

Being up to date with this particular trend will definitely boost your business. Showing your real side attract users and give your account trustworthiness that will ultimately drive people to your brand.




3. The Stories Takeover

According to the latest research, users seem to enjoy engaging with stories and creating more of those rather that actually posting a picture on their feed. Due to the flexibility of different features available on an Instagram story, it has proven to be more captivating and entertaining to users.

Using hashtag on a story also has an important part in your account development due to the new feature where people watch Stories on a particular hashtag.

Why should I get involved?

This trend has numerous insights into what a business should be doing. Spending hours on content for a post will not take your account all the way. If you do not engage with Stories, you risk on giving up a way of attracting new potential consumers as well as reminding already existing ones what your brand is all about.




4. The Constant Growth of IGTV

One of Instagram’s newest features – IGTV, has absolutely skyrocketed and taken the app to a whole different level. It has definitely drawn people’s attention with many defining it as being “cool”.

Instagram has also accelerated IGTV’s abilities by allowing both vertical and horizontal video to be displayed.

Why should I get involved?

Despite IGTV’s popularity it is still considerably new with people being conscious of it and not brave enough to use it. This provides brands with the perfect opportunity to get ahead in the game and be up to date but still original.




5. Rise in Activism

Being supportive of various causes and raising awareness regarding those is not a new trend on Instagram, however, it has massively developed and gained even more popularity in the previous year.

Many have taken the opportunity to show their support and values by touching on topics such as violence, climate change, feminism and other relevant matters.

Why should I get involved?

By showing your opinions and principles you will open up to your audience and potential followers about your human side and vulnerability.




6. “Shoppable” Posts

One of the quickest rising trends on the social media platform is the ability for a user to click on a product-related post, select the goods and check out, all without leaving the app.

With a high amount of people using Instagram to browse either their favourite brands or discover new ones, the “shoppable” post option had to be integrated.

As mention earlier in the article, the Shop section on the Explore feed is now a thing and direct Instagram purchasing had to follow.

Why should I get involved?

If you are marketing a particular product, using the “shoppable” feature will enable you to convert users then and there with the easy option of an instant purchase.




7. The Reign of Virtual Tweets

Reposting tweets that have gone viral has been a thing for a while now, with pages dedicated specifically on posting just those. However, recently, many brands seem to have gotten involved, giving their accounts a breath of fresh air.

Users tend to enjoy going through content that is not created by the brand which brings a new look to their feeds.

Why should I get involved?

Since so many brands have adopted the trend, it is vital to also grasp that flexibility and start reposting viral tweets that reflect your business. It is even more common for companies to place the screenshot on a fun background so that it gives that extra branding and personalisation to it.



Throughout this blog, there has been a reason provided as to why these trends are relevant to your business. The next step is to actually invest time into these trends and include them into your Instagram activity. Being aware should result in being active.


Comment whether you have any predicaments as to why you are hesitant to dive into any of the trends and we would make sure to post a guide that will make it easier for your development.