How to Start Your Kajabi Blog Post

Jul 07, 2021 6:51am


Learn how to start your Kajabi blog post.



Add a post to your blog:


  • From the Kajabi Dashboard, click the Website tab

  • Select the Blog tab

  • In the top right corner click the blue button + New Blog Post


Set a specific publishing date


Setting your publishing dates works great when you want to plan regular updates or when you're migrating blog posts from another platform like WordPress or Squarespace, you can set the dates to be consistent with your previous website.

For that:


  • From the Dashboard click the Website tab
  • Click Blog
  • Choose an existing Blog Post or create a new one
  • Click the Set specific publishing date
  • Select a date when your Blog Post will be published


Adding tags to your blog posts


Tagging your Blog Posts is a great way to keep them organized, we recommend no more than 3 tags and their consistency across the website, you don't want hundreds of different tags.  The standard Kajabi tags do not add any SEO juice.

Using LaunchPAD, the tags are specifically designed around your SEO keywords

After adding the tags and saving your changes the tags will be displayed as categories on your blog homepage:

  • From the Dashboard click the Website tab
  • Click Blog
  • Select an existing Blog Post or create a new one
  • On the right side of the page enter your tag title to search
  • Or create a new Tag in the Tags section of the Kajabi Blog Post Editor
  • Select your existing tag or click tab/enter after entering your new tag to apply
  • Click Save


How to SEO your blog


In this post, you're going to learn how to structure your Kajabi blog content specifically to attract new customers and get found by search engines Go and discover how to write SEO blog content & attract new customers.