How to set-up and secure your domain name on Kajabi using Cloudflare SSL

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Mar 19, 2021

We only recommend using Cloudflare to secure your website, any other solution will reduce the performance and security and isn't recommended by Motivation Digital. If you want to understand why we use Cloudflare, click here
Before you can start using Cloudflare you'll need a domain name for your website
1. How to signup for Cloudflare Click here
Use this step if you don't already have domain names on Cloudflare, we highly recommend that all your domain names DNS records are managed by Cloudflare.

2. Pointing your domain to Kajabi

Once your domain is set-up on your Cloudflare account, it's time to create a hostname to point your domain name to Kajabi by using a CNAME record.
NB: Hostname can be either the www record or a subdomain i.e. courses
Further Notes:
  • Enter "" into the target field as above
  • Duplicate hostname records must be deleted, you cannot have two www records
  • By default, the Orange proxy cloud is enabled, don't change this

3. Creating your domain name page rules

Kajabi requires that the domain name is using a host record to resolve. i.e. it must be present on either www or other subdomain record i.e. course or members.
It's therefore required to configure Cloudflare rules to ensure the domain is secure no matter what version of your domain name is used.
NB: We DO NOT use the same configuration as Kajabi, their version is out of date
Further Notes:
  • All rules point to your secure domain i.e.$1
  • Motivation Digital requires that domains use a 301 permanent redirect
Rule 1 If the URL matches -*
Rule 2 If the URL matches -*
Rule 3 If the URL matches -*

4. Securing your domain name using SSL / HTTPS

It's incredibly important to secure your domain name read why here. It's an internet and Kajabi requirement to use a secure domain and we always recommend Cloudflare.
NB: We DO NOT use the same configuration as Kajabi, their version is out of date
Further Notes:
  • Choose the SSL/TLS tab to secure your domain
  • By default, encryption should be set to FULL
  • Choose the Edge Certificates tab
  • Ensure Always Use HTTPS is ON
  • Switch on Opportunistic Encryption to secure third party links
  • Switch on Automatic HTTPS Rewrites
NB: No page rule is required to point to Always use HTTPS those rules are out of date



The Cloudflare feature "Rocket Loader" needs to be toggled OFF, Kajabi have reported errors such as video players breaking and assessments only displaying partially when this feature is enabled in Cloudflare.

How to Add Your Secured Cloudflare Domain to Kajabi

Now to add your secured custom domain name to Kajabi settings, log in to the Kajabi website platform and access the settings page.
Once the above steps have been completed, login to Kajabi:
  • Turn the Toggle Off to use Cloudflare.
  • Then select Next to add your domain name
  • Then, add your domain into the Custom Domain field
  • Click SAVE two green ticks confirm a successful install
NB: It may be required to wait a few minutes, click save to retry

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