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Mar 16, 2021 | facebook support, support

Why do you need Facebook verification?

Motivation Digital use Artificial Intelligence to optimise the Creative, Launch and Scaling strategies of Facebook, Instagram and Google ads.

The LaunchBOT algorithm requires that we verify your business is legitimate and verified on the Google and Facebook network.

If you want to be taken seriously by Facebook and Google, and reduce the risk of getting your assets blocked (pages, Facebook ads and social channels including Instagram and Whatsapp), then you need to verify your business on the Facebook business manager.

Note: Business verification is different from blue badge verification, personal identity confirmation and the verified badge on Instagram. You won't receive a badge like the blue verification badge for business verification.

Learn more about the blue verification badge.

 What is Facebook Business Verification?

Business Verification allows you to verify that a Facebook Business Manager account (and related Facebook network assets, Instagram, pixel etc), are owned by a genuine business.

Learn more about Facebook Business Manager.

Is Your Facebook Business Verified?

There's been a dramatic increase in Facebook ad accounts, pages and social channels being blocked on the Facebook network, and often for good reason, so to reduce those chances, we're going to verify your business on Facebook, using the Business Manager.

Login to your Facebook business manager, select business info, if unverified, follow the simple steps below:

How to Facebook Verify your Business Manager

1.  Add your main Facebook page to the Business info section of the business information if this is missing, (Primary Page: None).

2. Complete your Business Details, including website and tax reference

3. Click View details to start the verification process  

There are now four steps to the verification process: 

1. Confirm Your Identity (government and non-government IDs)

This is not normally necessary unless you are appealing an issue with your accounts, such as a Facebook page ban or Facebook ad account has been blocked.

You’ll need to upload a photo ID or two forms of non-photo identification. You won’t be able to move to the next step until Facebook has reviewed this submission.

2. Business Legals (business name, address, contact info)

These are the same business address details that are on your website (including privacy policy and terms and conditions), they must be the same on your Facebook assets and your website.

NB:  The website must be secure and match the Facebook page and website.

You may be required to upload proof of authenticity, business registration numbers and tax codes.  Plus utility bills with matching address details.

3. Proof of access to the business (phone & or email)

We recommend adding a phone number that you have access to, and add the same email you use on your website and Facebook page, you can receive a verification code via text or email to complete the verification.

4. Domain name
(your website address)

If the website address is blank, add the exact domain name of your website, the same one should be linked to your Facebook page before submitting the verification request to Facebook.

Motivation Digital - Authentic and Genuine Verified Business on Facebook

Once Facebook has verified your account, it will look similar to the above image. Contact the Motivation Helpdesk and we'll then carry on the domain verification process to control link ownership for your Facebook ads and to configure your Facebook events, especially with the impact of the iOS14 update.