Exceed Expectations With SMART Objectives

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Nov 17, 2019


A goal without a plan is just a wish. - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


Successful business owners are ones that are aware of its vision, determined in what has to be achieved and planning-friendly. 


If you are just starting out or if you have tried before but hasn’t worked out, maybe you need to consider setting objectives.


This blog article is dedicated to introducing you to what SMART objectives are, why you should incorporate them into your business and how to keep your eyes on the price.


Why You Should Set Objectives


Setting objectives and goals is an essential step in every business. It allows you to move forwards, design strategies and schedule how you are going to get there. Having set objectives will provide a structure for your business plan, that will enable you to work towards a goal, give you guidance and help you see the bigger picture. It is the best way for your company to navigate where to direct its efforts and how much energy it will require. It ultimately assigns accountability for your team members, enables them to work as a group and most importantly - teaches time management.

What Are SMART Objectives


In order to generate sales and trigger growth, having a clear vision of your goals is vital. Knowing precisely what your business aims to achieve, how you want it to progress and what is the end-result is the first step of every marketing plan. Being specific is what will set the tone for your campaign. Modification will be unavoidable and definitely made along the way, but having a clear purpose is what’s going to drive your business.



Analysis and data should be incorporated on every level of your company. Looking at the numbers and most importantly - knowing what they mean, instantly gives you a foundation to build on and improve. Implementing change and realising what works for your brand and what doesn’t give you that little bit of an advantage over the average looking businesses.



Predicting growth and being certain that your business will exceed all expectations is definitely a way to stay positive and keep moving, however, all things must be within reach. Set goals that you know you have to work for but will ultimately achieve, and then use that to improve and grow.



When setting objectives, stay within your area of expertise, whilst still tackling challenges. Accomplishments are only valuable for your brand if they are empowering you to move forward and track success. Stick to your vision and do not let your brand’s identity get deluded.



This is the part that most marketers forget to include in their plan. Having a deadline is an absolute must for every project. You need to manage your time, tasks and wins, in order to not get lost in the process. Know the time available to you so that you can design the best possible plan of getting there.

How To Work With Your Objectives

  • Build Tasks - the first thing you would need to do is build tasks. At Motivation.Digital, we use Teamwork to manage projects, so you can either find a platform of your own or find another way to do it, however, setting tasks is crucial to keep you in check.
  • Review Your Tasks - do not forget what needs to be done, constantly try and map out your journey to success and look for ways to improve.
  • Track Progress - be accountable of your tasks, make sure you are moving according to schedule and figure out ways to enhance the process.
  • Recognise Change - don’t be afraid to implement change when it needs doing, work towards a better plan, not an easier one.
  • Appreciate The Wins - reward yourself and your team for the little wins, use them as motivation and evaluate your end goals.

Struggling To Set Your Objectives?

Motivation.Digital has handled numerous businesses and implemented various strategies. We understand that mapping out a plan can be difficult which is why have a full-proof “Discovery Audit” process, that is designed to define your brand 's vision and your objectives. If you need some help getting it right this time, click the button below and contact our team.