Editing Mobile Layouts

A simple how to guide on customising mobile layouts in Kajabi

It is important when you are busy building your site it is important to remember not to forget about the mobile version of your site. Here we have a simple guide on editing your mobile layout for your website. Mobile view means your sections will stack on top of each, as opposed to being spread out like on desktop view

Editing Mobile Layout

  • First head to Settings, then go to Website and click on Pages and chose a Landing Page to begin with
  • Click Customise, then select a Section from the left side menu
  • From here you'll be able to see Section Settings, now go to Mobile Layout and customise the layout to the section
  • Don't forget to hit save and repeat the process for the rest of the sections in that page

Customising Mobile Layout

You can modify your mobile layout under the Section Settings
  • Hide Sections - means when your site is being viewed on a mobile, certain sections which you've selected will be hidden
  • Padding - adjust the Section Padding to determine how close you want your section to the edge of the page 

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