Editing a Kajabi Offer

Learn how you can edit the settings of an offer inside Kajabi.
Once you have created a new offer on Kajabi, you would need to modify its settings to best fit your strategies and business model.

When you open the Offer you wish to edit, you can adjust the following:


1️⃣ Primary Settings
  • Edit the title you've previously set
  • Include an Internal title
  • Provide a description
  • Upload a cover picture
  • Edit the price
  • Click to select the mode - draft or published
2️⃣ Product Settings
  • Click and select what products are included in the offer
  • Click to add another offer as an upsell
3️⃣ Product Access
  • Being accessed at a specific date - tick the box and set the particular date you wish the product to be consumed from
  • Restrict access to a specific amount of days - tick and select the number of days you wish the product to remain "locked" for
4️⃣ Post-Purchase Settings:
  • Send a member a confirmation email - choose between a default email template or create a new one
  • Give an affiliate commission - set the percentage given
  • Send a notification to your team - add the particular email address that will receive the notifications
  • Send the member to a third party email provider - connect an integration first
  • Send the member to a thank you page - scroll to find the desired landing page
➡️ From the top bar you also have the following functionalities:
  • View the stats
  • Preview the checkout
  • Get the link for the checkout
  • Clone the offer
  • Delete the offer
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