Editing a Kajabi Checkout

Personalising your Kajabi checkout can improve your conversion rates, as well as help you maintain consistent branding.

To do so:

  • Login to Kajabi
  • Go to "Products" - "Offers"
  • Open the Offer whose checkout you wish to modify
  • Click on "Edit Checkout"


➡️ From the sidebar you can edit the following:
  • Switch on and off the New design option
  • Offer Details - Edit the title, include a banner, image or video and edit the copy
  • Primary Colour - Select the branding colour that will feature in the checkout
  • Extra Contact Information - Select what information will be collected from the buyer (address, phone number, etc.)
  • Service Agreement - Choose whether terms and conditions will be displayed or not
  • Testimonials - Include testimonial quotes from previous buyers
  • Footer Navigation - Click and select a navigation menu if you wish to include one
  • Order Bump - Select to add an offer as an order bump



Christopher Brisley

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Christopher Brisley

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