Blog SEO-Settings on Kajabi

Making sure you create SEO-friendly blogs is an important step of setting up your site.

How to configure SEO settings on Kajabi blogs

First set up your blog SEO settings on Kajabi, do this by following the steps below:
  • Log into Kajabi
  • Go to "Settings" and open up "Blog settings"


Under this section you will need to add:

Page title

  • Use 1 -2 longtail keywords
  • We recommend your title is 50-70 characters - so keep it concise!
  • A good layout is as follows:
Primary Keyword - Secondary Keyword | Brand Name

Page (Meta) Description

  • Use the same longtails as your title so search engines and readers are clear on what your blog post is about
  • Meta descriptions have a maximum length of 300 characters - be sure to utilise these characters with relevant information
  • Don't overuse keywords - search engines don't like 'keyword stuffing' so make sure the description is reader friendly
Remember - these are the details shown when a link to your blog is being shared so be smart and creative!


  • Ensure the image is relevant
To learn more about how to optimise the copy in your blogs check out this SEO article

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