Adding Events to your Tockify Calendar

  Embedding a calendar into a webpage is a great and sophisticate...

Mar 17, 2021 |

Embedding a calendar into a webpage is a great and sophisticated way to share upcoming events with your members or to the public.
We recommend using Tockify to create calendars, as it embeds well with our LaunchPad pages and is easy to create & edit calendars to suit the look of your brand.
If you already have a calendar set up with events on it, you can add more by logging into Tockify. If you don't have Tockify, sign up for free here.
Once you're logged in, click the green button "Go To Your Calendar Editor" (as shown below)
You'll land on a page showing your calendar, to add another event, simply click the green button on the left side of the calendar (shown by the red box).
If your view looks a little different from the image shown here, toggle between Pinboard, Agenda, and Monthly views to suit your own preference - you can do this on the right side of the page (circled in black)
If you have not yet created events your calendar may look like the image shown below, the same process to adding events applies.
After clicking the create event button a window will pop up where you can add the details of the event you want to add to your calendar.
Once you've completed all of the relevant sections just click "save changes" on the left side of the screen (red box), then the back button (black circle) above to look at your calendar.
It's as simple as that, we also offer a service where we can completely manage your Tockify - adding events, publishing the calendar on your site, and designing the calendar. If you would like us to do this for you, email us your calendar requests.