Adding a Navigation Menu on Kajabi

Learn how you can add a new navigation menu on Kajabi and link it to a page.

Using a navigation menu can be useful for your business so you can direct visitors to key area of your website.

To set up a new navigation menu on Kajabi, go through the following steps:

1️⃣ Create a menu
  • Log into your Kajabi account
  • Go to "Website" - "Design"
  • Click on the "Navigation" link at the top of the page


  • Select the "New Navigation Menu" button
  • Give it a title and save it


2️⃣ Add the components - now that you have created a new menu you need to add the links to it
  • Click on "Add link" and select "Link" from the Dropdown
  • Title it the way you wish people to view it
  • Paste the link to the particular page
  • Choose whether it's visible to everyone or logged in users only
  • Save the changes
  • Repeat until you have all components needed


3️⃣ Link it to a page
  • Find your homepage or the page you wish to link the menu to
  • Click to customise it
  • Go to the Header and find the "Menu" section
  • Choose your new navigation menu from the list
  • Save your changes!